Behavioral Research

Goizueta Behavioral Research brings together world-renowned faculty, students, and community members who are committed to answering fundamental questions about how humans behave, think, collaborate, make decisions, and respond to challenges. We welcome your involvement in this important initiative.


Goizueta Behavioral Research seeks Emory students, staff, and community members to participate in research studies. As a participant, you can share your opinions, play games, and complete surveys and tasks in the Goizueta Behavioral Research lab. Earn cash or gift cards while contributing to cutting-edge research. Most studies take place in the Goizueta Behavioral Research lab, located on the 5th floor of Goizueta Business School (Room W505). Study sessions are scheduled during the day, during evenings, and on weekends. Some studies are also online.

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For Researchers

Goizueta Behavioral Research is a resource for faculty and graduate students looking to complete various forms of research. The space can be adjusted to meet the needs of the study, transforming from a room with a fifth-floor view of Patterson Green and Jenkins Courtyard, into the typical, controlled laboratory environment with blackout shades. The lab has 20 mobile stations, each of which includes a desk with privacy screens, an all-in-one desktop computer with video capture capability, headsets, and a wireless mouse and keyboard. Each station has removable privacy screens, and the stations can be combined and dissembled in several ways to accommodate your research needs.

The lab also includes:

  • Access to a database for subject recruiting/tracking
  • Assistance staff and a programmer
  • Lab research assistance

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