Student Participation Projects

The Real Estate Program welcomes opportunities for students to participate in related project assignments in order to assist real estate alumni and other established practitioners. These projects allow students to add value to the marketplace by applying learnings to real world issues and gain valuable experience prior to seeking full-time employment. Student participation projects may be proposed by students or members of the real estate community by contacting Professor Roy Black via email.

Our Real Estate Program takes students beyond the classroom and into the community. One example is a consulting assignment from the Real Estate Marketing class. The town of Copperhill, Tennessee engaged the class to create a plan to use real estate to stimulate economic redevelopment of the town. Copperhill is a former copper mining town whose mines closed in the 1980s leaving environmental damage and a slow economy. Half the class focused on ecotourism and half the class focused on general tourism. Class recommendations included creating a riverwalk along the nearby river and rebuilding the town's train station, repurposed as a tourism center.

Another assignment involved performing a feasibility study for a proposed two screen movie theater adjacent to the Emory campus, to replace a theater that was destroyed by fire in 1979.