Student Projects

Real Data. Real Companies. Real Results.

Goizueta is prized for its innovative applied learning techniques, including the Management Practice (MP) elective courses. The "MAC class" (Marketing Analytics Consultancy) puts the real world in front of students. Here, students put their new marketing tools to work by examining an organization's data and using analytics to create insights and implement solutions. This hands-on approach leads to the development of data scientists, an emerging breed of "numbers nerds" who calculate the solutions and ask the right questions.

The MAC class "gets their hands dirty with data", learning to identify, translate, and maximize the results. At the end of the semester, the class is presented with a Thought Experiment-- a hypothetical situation from an actual company. Last year, local heavyweights including The Coca-Cola Company, CNN, and The Weather Company wanted to know what insights could be harvested from their social media content. And, more importantly, what should they do with that knowledge. The students teamed up, dug in, and presented their findings to these corporate clients.

Simply put, business at Goizueta is the real deal.

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