Adam Sutton 12MBA

Adam Sutton 12MBA

Pre-MBA Job: Medical Student, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Undergraduate Institution: University of Southern California

My goal at Goizueta is to supplement my medical education and develop the skills that will allow me to be an effective leader in the healthcare field. Emphasizing the importance of communication, managing others and working well in teams has allowed me to focus on skills that are critical for leaders. Through regular feedback, introspection and meetings with highly motivated and passionate mentors, Goizueta is immersing me in an environment where I am able to learn from industry experts and through real world experiences.  

Select Courses and Activities


  • Strategy and Organization in the Healthcare Sector
  • Economic Environment of Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leading and Managing Change


  • Goizueta Healthcare Club
  • Goizueta Gives
  • Goizueta Sports Club

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