Faculty and Courses

Courses in the healthcare concentration provide students with a rigorous theoretical and analytical approach for understanding the complex interactions among participants within and between the different sectors in the U.S. health care system. Course instructors assign a mix of academic articles, business case reports, current business articles, and industry reports to provide students with an overview of the healthcare delivery system operational activities and "real world" managerial and business problems. Class activities include, but are not limited to faculty lectures, case study discussions, guest lectures by leading professionals and alumni and course capstone group project presentations.


Maryam Alavi, Vice Dean of Faculty and Research; John and Lucy Cook Professor of Information Strategy

Anandhi Bharadwaj, Associate Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management

Steven D. Culler, Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance and Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management

Chip Frame, Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing

Rick Gilkey, Professor in the Practice of Organization & Management

Diwas KC, Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management

Brad Killaly, Associate Professor in the Practice of Organization & Management

Curriculum and Coursework

Rollins School of Public Health Courses


  • Economic Evaluation (HPM 522)
  • Health Insurance Concepts (HPM 562)

Public Health Law

  • Health Care Administration Law (HPM 557)
  • Fundamentals of Public Health Law (HPM 561)

Measuring Performance and Healthcare Outcomes

  • Physician Performance (HPM 566)
  • Health Outcomes (HPM 564)

Public Policy

  • Public Finance & Health Care Systems (HPM 523)
  • Contemporary Health Policy Issues (HPM 572)