The MBA/DPT Program

The health care industry now represents one-sixth of the U.S. economy. As the U.S. healthcare system continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly valuable for physicians to couple their medical training with business school knowledge and skills. DPT/MBAs are positioned uniquely to take on leadership roles in health care, whether it is entrepreneurial, administrative or clinical in nature. Goizueta Business School students pursuing career interests in health care receive a world-class business education in an intimate learning environment in the unique setting of Atlanta’s Clifton Corridor. The Clifton Corridor is home to the Emory University’s medical facilities, Emory University School of Medicine, Emory University Rollins School of Public Health, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.

At what point in the DPT program should I apply?  And, how will the following years be structured?

Following the suggested path, students will spend their first two years in the DPT program which will include one long-term clinical affiliation.  Students apply during their second year. If admitted to the One Year MBA Program, students spend the third year at Goizueta Business School. In the fourth year, students complete two other long-term clinical affiliations and return for a final semester of electives that can be taken in both the DPT and MBA Programs. 

Are there any prerequisite courses I should take before enrolling in the One-Year Program?
Prior to matriculation, all students in the One-Year Program must have completed at least one semester of college-level Statistics, Corporate Finance, Microeconomics and Financial Accounting. These courses may be completed online with Goizueta faculty-approved offerings.

What will my course schedule look like?

Academic Pre-Sessions Begin:  May 7, 2012  (Tentative Date)

Mandatory Orientation Program begins on May 15, 2012. (Tentative Date)


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What is the course workload like at Goizueta?
The course workload is comparable to all other students in the One-Year MBA Program. The first semester may be more intense due to taking the required core business courses; however, students have found the workload to be manageable overall.

What courses in healthcare do you offer?

  • An Introduction to the Business of Healthcare (BUS 504)
  • Advanced Topics in Strategy in the Healthcare Sector (BUS 506)
  • Innovation in the Healthcare Industry (BUS 642)
  • Healthcare Operations, and Technology Management (BUS 652)

Approved Rollins School of Public Health Courses:

  • Economic Evaluation (HPM 522)
  • Health Insurance Concepts (HPM 562)
  • Health Care Administrative Law (HPM 557)
  • Fundamentals of Public Health Law (HPM 561)
  • Physician Performance (HPM 556)
  • Health Outcomes (HPM 564)
  • Public Finance & Health Care Systems (HPM 521)
  • Contemporary Health Policy Issues (HPM 572)

Are there opportunities to participate in healthcare business-oriented activities?

  • The Goizueta Healthcare Association enables students enrich their MBA experience with healthcare-related coursework, directed studies, internships and extracurricular activities.
  • Students also host the Goizueta Healthcare Forum which brings together key alumni and top executives in the industry -- in marketing, finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship -– for discussion on emerging topics and critical issues.

How do I apply? 
Goizueta requires that all applicants complete our online application. It is not necessary to complete your application in one sitting. Until you submit your application, you may access it from any computer using the username and password that you created. Please visit the Full-Time MBA Admissions site for specific directions.

Is the application timeline flexible?
We will review your application in any round in which you apply. In order to plan your DPT curriculum and fulfill any MBA pre-program requirements, you may wish to apply in the admissions cycle a year in advance of the date you plan to enter. We ask you to clearly indicate on the application the year you plan to enter the program. The amount of available spots varies from year to year.

Do I need a business background?
No. Goizueta students come from diverse professional, academic and personal backgrounds. While it is not necessary to have an undergraduate degree in business, for applicants to our One-Year MBA Program, we do require the following four classes: Microeconomics, Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting and Statistics. 

How can I complete the pre-program course work requirements?
Many candidates will enroll in online extension courses offered through University of California-Berkeley or Harvard University. Others will take courses at a local college and some students may be able to satisfy the requirements by taking courses. Our Admissions Office can help advise you on the best course for you.

Do I need work experience?
Although work experience is not a requirement to apply to the DPT-MBA program, the Admissions Committee believes that professional experiences add to the community both in and out of the classroom. While our typical DPT/MBA candidate does not have extensive work experience, we value the diverse perspectives that they bring to the program.

When should I take the GMAT or GRE?
There is no recommended time to take the GMAT or GRE. Some students study and take the GMAT or GRE during the summer after their 1st year in the DPT Program. Other students study and take it over a winter break. It is up to the student to determine when the best time is.

How much is tuition?
Tuition is set by the Emory University Board of Trustees each January.  We can provide you with an estimate based on the cost to attend Goizueta’s One-Year MBA Program in the current year.  Please see the chart below.

Estimated One-Year Program Cost

Tuition (3 semesters)

$ 63,600


$ 751


$ 25,215


$ 3,000

Health Insurance

$ 2,000

Total Program Cost

$ 94,566

* Additionally, a one-time $100 Orientation fee will be due with admissions deposit.

Does Goizueta offer scholarships to MBA/DPT students?
Goizueta does not have scholarships specifically for DPT students; however, all applicants are considered for merit-based scholarships. Decisions are based on the overall strength of the application file. Undergraduate grades, rigor of academic program and field of study, quality of work experience, leadership experiences, GMAT scores, interview evaluation and recommendations are all considered in making scholarship decisions. Awards are made at the time of admission. 

As you plan your DPT curriculum, please keep in mind Goizueta’s One-Year MBA Program begins in early May with a week-long orientation to the program and team-building exercises. Additionally, some students may be required to attend academic “Bootcamp” sessions held the week before Orientation.