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  • Senior Teaching Professor in Organization & Management
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Goizueta Business School
Emory University
1300 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30322


Kevin Coyne accepted a part-time teaching position at Goizueta Business School in 2008. He has also taught at the Harvard Business School. At Goizueta, Coyne will deliver a distinguished lecture series and teach an elective course on advanced strategy. A graduate of Harvard Business School and Rice University, Coyne is the co-founder and managing director of The Coyne Partnership, Inc., an Atlanta boutique consulting firm offering state-of-the-art corporate strategy to senior executives and boards of directors in both private and public organizations. He was previously a senior partner at McKinsey & Company, where he co-led their strategy practice, and consulted for over two decades on every continent in more than twenty industries. He continues to serve as a senior external adviser to McKinsey on a part-time basis. Coyne has also conducted international negotiations for the US government and has served as a policy advisor to the US Department of the Treasury. His current research interests include breakthrough thinking, the US retirement market, sustainable competitive advantage, and the development of new theories and approaches to management. The author of over forty articles, as well as an edited book, Coyne has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times,, CNBC, CBS, Boston Globe, and many other media outlets.


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Areas of Specialization

  • Strategy theory and practice
  • Corporate finance
  • Innovation


  • Master's, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA 1978
  • Bachelor's Managerial Studies/Architectural Studies, Rice University, Houston, TX 1978