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  • Associate Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management
  • Caldwell Research Fellow
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Goizueta Business School
Emory University
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Atlanta, GA 30322


Professor Bendoly is the Caldwell Research Fellow at Emory University's Goizueta Business School. He joined Goizueta in 2001 after receiving a PhD in the fields of Operations Management and Decision Sciences from Indiana University. Along with these specializations, his academic background includes an Information Systems orientation including Database, ERP and Knowledge management focuses. This background supported his involvement as an instructor and developer of SAP implementation and ABAP/4 programming curriculum currently in place at Indiana University.

Before starting his doctoral program, Elliot worked as a research and design engineer and group leader for Intel's Polymer Core Competency in Chandler, Arizona. In this role he was predominantly involved with failure analysis for micro-chip processor package assembly and in the design of facilities and procedures for such tests. While in Cleveland, he served as a survey analyst for the International Motor Vehicle Program at the Weatherhead School of Management's Center for Regional Economic Issues.

His research has been published in a number of academic journals including the Journal of Operations Management (2009 best paper), ISR, Production and Operations Management, MIS Quarterly, the Journal of Applied Psychology, Decision Sciences, EJOR, IJOPM, among other outlets. He has co-edited a text titled “Strategic ERP Extension and Use” as well as a teaching source "Excel Basics to Blackbelt". He is an Associate Editor for both the Journal of Operations Management and the Decision Sciences Journal. Professional affiliations include officer roles in both the Academy of Management's OM division ( om.aomonline.org) as well as the Behavioral Process Management section of INFORMS (an arm of the Behavior Dynamics in Operations Management network www.ombehavior.com, which he co-founded).


  • Real-time feedback and booking behavior in the hospitality industry: Moderating the balance between imperfect judgment and imperfect prescription, Forthcoming at Journal of Operations Management (2013)
  • Complementary drivers of NPD performance: cross-functional coordination, information system capability, and intelligence quality, Production and Operations Management 21(4), 2012.
  • Linking task conditions to physiology and judgment errors in RM systems, Production and Operations Management 20(6), 2011
  • The perception of difficulty in project-work planning and its impact on resource sharing (with J. Perry-Smith, D.G. Bachrach), Journal of Operations Management 28(5), 2010
  • Bodies of knowledge for research in Behavioral Operation (with R. Croson, P. Goncalves, K. Schultz), Production and Operations Management 19(4), 2010
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  • The performance effects of complementarities between IS-capability and coordination: an empirical study of manufacturing firms (with S. Bharadwaj, A. Bharadwaj), Information Systems Research 18(4), 2007 [Runner-up Best Paper of 2007]
  • Bipolarity in Reactions to Operational ‘Constraints': OM bugs under an OB lens (with D. Hur), Journal of Operations Management 25(1), 2007
  • Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Performance Evaluations: Exploring the Impact of Task interdependence (with D.G. Bachrach, B. Powell and G. Richey ), Journal of Applied Psychology 91(1), 2006
  • ERP in the minds of supervisors: Joint roles of task interdependence and cultural norms (with D.G. Bachrach, H. Wang and S. Zhang), International Journal of Operations and Production Management 26(5), 2006
  • Behavior in Operations Management: Assessing Recent Findings and Revisiting Old Assumptions (with K. Donohue and K. Schultz), Journal of Operations Management 24(6), 2006
  • Order lead-time improvement following enterprise-IT implementation: An empirical study (with M. Cotteleer), MIS Quarterly 30(3), 2006
  • ERP system and implementation-process benefits: Implications for B2B e-procurement (with T. Schoenherr), International Journal of Operations and Production Management 25(4), 2005
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP): Developments and directions for operations management research (with F.R. Jacobs), European Journal of Operational Research 146(2), 2003
  • Attributions of the 'Causes' of performance as an alternative explanation of the organizational citizenship behavior / organizational performance relationship (with D.G. Bachrach and P.M. Podsakoff), Journal of Applied Psychology 86(6), 2001

Areas of Specialization

  • Alignment of operational strategies, policies and IT capabilities in extended-enterprise planning
  • Interactions between resource allocation decisions and organizational behavioral dynamics

Achievements and Honors

  • Best Paper published in 2008 - Journal of Operations Management
  • Special Recognition for Interdisciplinary Thought Leadership - Decision Sciences, 2008
  • Alumni Award for Excellence in Research - Emory University, 2006
  • Best Doctoral Dissertation Award - Society of Logistics Engineers, 2001

Memberships and Activities


  • Ph.D. Operations and Decision Technologies, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 2001
  • Master's Operations and Decision Technologies, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 1999
  • Bachelor's Applied Economics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
  • Bachelor's Materials Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH