Financial economics encompasses micro-investment theory, economics of uncertainty, the role of financial markets and institutions, the regulation of financial products, firms and markets, the theory of the firm, and corporate governance. The field is unique among the social sciences in that it has had a direct and significant influence on practice: The impact of the efficient market hypothesis, portfolio selection, risk analysis, and contingent-claim pricing on capital budgeting and money management is clearly evident. This impact is based both on developments of theory and on empirical tests of hypotheses that are made feasible by a large and increasingly accessible body of relevant data.

The Finance faculty includes leading researchers in their respective areas, publishing in such notable journals as the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Businesss, Journal of Financial Economics, Financial Management, and Journal of Accounting and Economics. Faculty members are involved in a number of national organizations, serving as consultants, collaborating with research, and holding corporate board memberships.

BBA Course Offerings

BBA Core Courses BBA Electives
BUS 320 - Finance BUS 201 - Business Economics
  BUS 420 - Advanced Managerial Finance
  BUS 421 - Corporate Governance & Restructuring
  BUS 422 - Advanced Financial Markets
  BUS 423 - Investments
  BUS 424 – Derivatives
  BUS 425 - Real Estate Finance
  BUS 425B - Real Estate Management & Finance
  BUS 427 - International Finance
  BUS 428A - Investment Banking
  BUS 428B - Venture Capital & Private Equity
  BUS 429 - Fixed Income
  BUS 482 – Real Estate Market Analysis
  BUS 483 - Applied Investment Management
  BUS 486 - Real Estate Equity Investment
  BUS 487 - Global Derivatives Markets
  BUS 489 - Adv Real Estate Finance
  BUS 497R – Finance Honors Seminar

MBA Course Offerings

MBA Core Courses MBA Electives
BUS501 - Economic Analysis for Managers BUS 500A – Management Practice
BUS520 - Managerial Finance BUS 501P – Managerial Economics
  BUS 503 - Global Macroeconomics Perspectives
  BUS 529 Project Finance
  BUS 620 - Advanced Corporate Finance
  BUS 620M – Capital Markets & Cost Capital
  BUS 621P - Corporate Governance & Restructuring
  BUS 624 - Derivatives
  BUS 625 - Real Estate Finance
  BUS 627 - International Finance
  BUS 628A - Investment Banking
  BUS 680 – Doing Deals: Private Equity
  BUS 681 - Venture Capital & Private Equity
  BUS 682 - Real Estate Markets Analysis
  BUS 683 - Applied Investment Management
  BUS 684 - Advanced Derivative Assets
  BUS 686 - Real Estate Equity Investment
  BUS 687 – Global Derivatives Markets
  BUS 689 - Adv Real Estate Finance