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Grace Pownall is Professor of Accounting, Accounting Area Coordinator, and Accounting Doctoral Coordinator. She holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Illinois, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a PhD in Accounting and Economics also from the University of Chicago. She joined the GBS faculty in 1993, served as Accounting Area Coordinator from 1993-1998, and as Associate Dean and Director of Doctoral Studies from 2004-2011. Her research interests include corporate disclosure incentives and practices, and information in global capital markets. Her research has been published in Journal of Accounting Research, The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Review of Accounting Studies, and Management Science, among other journals. She served as Associate Editor (1999-2002) and on the editorial board (2005-2008) of The Accounting Review, and as associate editor, on the editorial board, and/or as ad hoc reviewer for over a dozen other journals.

Professor Pownall served as Vice-President of the American Accounting Association (1999-2001), and Director of the AAA 1999 Doctoral Consortium. She served in several roles in the AAA Doctoral Consortium and in the AAA New Faculty Consortium, and on several committees of the American Accounting Association, the International Accounting Section, the Financial Accounting and Reporting Section, and the Accounting Programs Leadership Group.


  • "Increasing Liquidity on Global Stock Exchanges: The Structure of Euronext", (2015). (Co-authors: X. Wang and M. Vulcheva), Accounting Horizons.
  • "The Ability of Global Stock Exchange Mechanisms to Decrease Home Bias: Evidence from Euronext" (2014). (Co-authors: M. Vulcheva and X. Wang), Management Science.
  • "Relaxing the Reconciliation Requirement in Non-US Firms' SEC Filings: Firm Incentives and Changes in Earnings Informativeness" (2014). (Co-authors: B. Hansen, R. Prakash, and M. Vulcheva), Journal of Accounting and Public Policy.
  • Which Performance Measures Do Investors Around the World Value the Most -- and Why? (with Jan Barton and Bowe Hansen) The Accounting Review May 2010.
  • The Robustness of the Sarbanes Oxley Effect on the U.S. Capital Market (with Bowe Hansen and Xue Wang) Review of Accounting Studies September 2009.
  • The Information Intermediary Role of Short Sellers (with Paul Simko) The Accounting Review, July 2005
  • Shareholder vs. Stakeholder Focused Japanese Companies: Firm-Characteristics and Accounting Valuation (with Kirsten Ely) Contemporary Accounting Research, December 2002
  • Implications of Accounting Research for the SEC's Consideration of International Accounting Standards for US Securities Offerings (with Katherine Schipper) Accounting Horizons, September 1999
  • How Frequently Do Managers Disclose Prospective Earnings Information? (with Charlie Kile and Greg Waymire) The Journal of Financial Statement Analysis, Spring 1998
  • Interdependencies in the Global Markets for Capital and Information: The Case of Smithkline-Beecham (with Carol Ann Frost) Accounting Horizons, March 1996
  • Accounting Disclosure Practices in the U.S. and the U.K. (with Carol Ann Frost) Journal of Accounting Research, Spring 1994
  • A Comparison of the Stock Price Response to Earnings-related Accounting Disclosures in the U.S. and the U.K. (with Carol Ann Frost) Contemporary Accounting Research, Summer 1994
  • The Stock Price Effects of Alternative Types of Management Earnings Forecasts (with Charlie Wasley and Greg Waymire) The Accounting Review, October 1993

Working Papers

  • “Asymmetric Information Consolidation and Price Discovery: Inferring Bad News from Insider Sales”, August 2015 (co-authors I. Karamanou and R. Prakash), presented at the 2014 EAA Annual Congress (Tallinn), the 2014 EFMA Annual Meeting (Rome), the 2014 AAA Annual Meeting (Atlanta), and the 2014 SESARC (Southeast Summer Accounting Research Colloquium), "Revise and Resubmit" at The Accounting Review.
  • "Deviations from the Mandatory Adoption of IFRS in the European Union: Implementation, Enforcement, Incentives, and Compliance", April 2015 (co-author: M. Wieczynska), presented at the 2012 AAA FARS Midyear Meeting, the 2012 AAA International Accounting Section Midyear Meeting, the 2012 AAA Annual Meeting, and the 2013 EAA Annual Symposium, “Revise and Resubmit” at Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • “Does the Chinese Government Value Good Firms? Evidence from P-chips and Red-chips Listed in Hong Kong”, May 2015 (co-authors W. Jia and J. Zhao), presented at the 2015 AAA International Accounting Section Midyear Meeting and the 2015 AAA Annual Meeting.
  • “Fundamental Values and Chinese Firm Global Stock Exchange Listings”, August 2013 (co-authors J. Zhao and X. Wang).

Areas of Specialization

  • Information and Global Capital Markets
  • Voluntary Disclosure Incentives and Practices
  • International Accounting


  • Ph.D. in Accounting and Economics, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL/United States 1985
  • MBA, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL/United States 1983
  • BS, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL 1980