"I feel that I received a "mini-MBA" that allowed me to immediately return to the office after each session and apply what I learned. The M&A session was particularly valuable as my company was reviewing potential acquisition targets and I applied what I had just learned in the M&A session, which assisted us in making some good decisions.

"Each session discussed the academic theory behind the subject, and then quickly turned to real life examples that made the theory come alive. Emory Executive Education professors did an outstanding job intermixing theory, business management principles, current research, and real-world application in each course so the students could apply each subject to a specific issue in their current job."

Robin Holland
Senior Vice President of Operations


Littie Brown, Regional Sales Vice President, W. W. Grainger, Inc.
Paula Brockhoff, IT Group Portfolio Manager, Southern Company
Mario Diaz, VP of Product Services, Tellermate USA
Juan Perez, Region Industrial Engineering Manager, UPS
Tom Nolan, Senior Development Manager, Chick-fil-A. Inc. - Design and Construction
R. Gregory Fox, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley, Finance