Strategies for Maximizing Negotiation Outcomes

This program will prepare you to effectively plan and conduct real-world negotiations. The program will cover the diverse range of negotiation settings that all business professionals face – from simple to complex, short-term to long-term, intra-organizational to business-to-business, and professional to personal. By weaving together content and application exercises for a comprehensive learning experience, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge to confidently manage negotiations - a competency you will leverage throughout your career.

  • Program Dates: Dates to be announced
  • Program Fee: $1,995 per person

Program Overview

  • Testing your existing negotiation abilities
  • Developing new skills to utilize long into the future.
  • Assessing your current negotiation style
  • Learning powerful negotiation tools and pragmatic ways to incorporate what you learn into business challenges

Goizueta Learning in Action™

  • Assess conflict style via Thomas-Killmann Conflict Instrument
  • Identify negotiation strengths and areas for development
  • Learn and practice competitive negotiation strategies

Who Should Attend

Strategies for Successful Negotiation Outcomes is for leaders who must make decisions that impact a range of stakeholders requiring outcomes that are beneficial to sometimes competing groups.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this program you will have the ability to

  • Understand conflict styles and settings
  • Calculate the business costs associated with avoiding conflicts
  • Evaluate competitive versus collaborative negotiation strategies
  • Exercise influence in situations where you may not have authority

Content Experts

This program features some of Emory Executive Education's top Content Experts. Goizueta Faculty who may be featured in this program include: