Marketing for Non-marketing Professionals

The major role of marketing in a company or agency is determining, creating, communicating, and delivering a value proposition that meets the needs of its customers. In addition, marketing in its boundary-spanning role introduces the "voice of the customer" into the firm, helps build long-term relationships, and ensures that the firm builds equity with its customers. The objective of this course is to provide a short introduction to marketing concepts, the nature of key strategic marketing decisions (i.e., value creation, communication, delivery, and extraction), and the dual goals of creating satisfied and loyal customers.

Program Overview

  • Understanding the "voice of the customer" from the firm's context
  • Learning core marketing concepts essential to the strategy of any organization
  • Examining the frameworks for key strategic marketing decisions
  • Focusing on creating loyal customers while yielding a return on marketing investment

Who Should Attend

  • Non-marketing professionals whose job entails interfacing with the marketing function in their organization who need an understanding of the marketing process and how marketing professionals think and make decisions
  • Professionals from across the organization without significant formal education in the marketing discipline whose job duties increasingly involve marketing-related responsibilities, or who are taking on a marketing-oriented role for the first time

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the marketing process: Analyze, strategize, and implement
  • Use customer analysis in business decisions
  • Develop differentiated value propositions for customers
  • Develop and managing marketing programs to create value

Content Experts

This program features some of Emory Executive Education's top Content Experts. Some of the Goizueta Faculty who may teach in this program are: