Strategic Marketing Management

Strategic Marketing Management

Build ideas and brands that your customers care about.

July 2017

Course fee: $2,000

Strategic Marketing Management focuses on key marketing concepts such as go-to-market strategies and customer relationship management. In this course, you will learn to create and advise strategic marketing initiatives to increase your firm’s awareness and customer value. Two tracks, a consumer focus and a business-to-business focus, are offered within the course to provide knowledge and resources around the marketing track that fits your business model and needs.

What You Will Learn:

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  • How to utilize positioning and targeting as a way to understand the market structure and to prioritize your key customer
  • How to position your product to match design in order to meet customer needs and sustain differentiation
  • How to identify sources of company value that go beyond customer value and include information value, communication value, and loyalty value

How You Will Work Smarter:

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  • Understand core marketing strategies including targeting, segmenting, and positioning
  • Concentrate your learning to your organization’s specific needs and marketing strategy
  • Learn from experts who have real-world marketing experience and utilize best practices in the marketing realm

Content Expert:

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  • Ryan Hamilton

This course is Ideal For:

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  • Executives and professionals who manage key business-to-business marketing relationships or who are responsible for consumer marketing endeavors
  • Executives and professionals who engage regularly with marketing functions or plan to transition to a marketing-related role
  • Individuals wishing to elevate their skills as strategic marketers

Applies to the Following:

Image for Applies to the Following:

  • C-Suite Certificate with concentrations in Marketing, Strategy, or Change Management
  • Qualifies as an elective for the C-Suite, Leadership, and Advanced Certificates

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