Emory Executive Education Critical Thinking & Decision Making Course

Critical Thinking & Decision-Making

Be at the forefront of thought leadership.

Fall 2017

Course Fee: $2,000

Effectiveness. Creativity. Impact. Influence. Strategic thinking embodies these characteristics, and they are skills you will develop in Critical Thinking & Decision Making. This 2-day course will journey through quantitative and qualitative decision making frameworks designed to enhance creative and strategic abilities. At the conclusion of the program, you will be able to effectively make sound business decisions that minimize risk and maximize impact and influence.

What You Will Learn:

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  • Identify and apply effective decision-making frameworks to complex business problems
  • Understand and identify strategies for overcoming decision making biases
  • Recognize which decision making tools are useful in influencing a decision when you have limited decision-making authority

How you will work smarter:

Image for How you will work smarter:

  • Add value to your firm’s strategic thinking and innovation strategies and enhance your creative and strategic thinking skills
  • Practice effective communication in group/ team decision making situations
  • Easily identify challenges, create best solutions using the proper frameworks, and execute on action plans

Content Experts:

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  • Michael Sacks
  • Steve Walton

This course is Ideal For:

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  • Professionals who want to enhance their influencing abilities and advance to influential roles within their organization
  • Mid- to upper-management level leaders who impact decisions within their organization and want to enhance their skillset
  • Business Analysts and professionals with similar roles that identify, analyze, and manage

Applies to the Following:

Image for Applies to the Following:

  • C-Suite Certificate with concentrations in Strategy or Change Management
  • Qualifies as an elective for the C-Suite, Leadership, and Advanced Certificates

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