Marketing Analytics

The field of marketing is increasingly fact-based and data-driven. We are rapidly moving to a world where much of what matters to marketing can be monitored and measured. This change is driven by two somewhat related factors. First is the change in the fundamental approaches to marketing driven by new interactive technologies. The second is the emergence of potential new data sources and analysis techniques that have the potential to allow marketers to better understand marketing phenomenon and to improve marketing decision-making.

This program is offered in conjunction with the Marketing Analytics Center at Goizueta Business School.

Program Overview

  • Learning to access data that gives you deep insights into your customers’ preferences through their interactions with various devices
  • Understanding data analysis techniques to improve marketing decision making
  • Highlighting buyer behavior, effectiveness, and other marketing data in one click

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing professionals whose experiences and formal training have been largely in the more traditional approaches to marketing and seek to become more data-driven in the allocation of marketing resources and assessment of marketing programs.
  • Professionals from across the organization (finance, product management, general management and other areas) who are involved in organization-wide resource allocation decisions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the capabilities needed to build a marketing analytics competent organization
  • Build a toolkit for quantitatively assessing marketing programs and valuing customers
  • Select marketing metrics that matter for your organization

Marketing Analytics assumes basic familiarity with Microsoft Excel. This software is used throughout the program exercises, creating a hands-on experience that allows participants to apply lessons learned immediately. Please bring a laptop and external mouse, if you are able.

Content Experts

This program features faculty associated with the Marketing Analytics Center. The course may feature some of the following Goizueta faculty members: