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Goizueta Executive Web Series (GEWS)

The current economic climate has executives reconsidering and even changing the way they do business. By leveraging the world-renowned faculty of Goizueta Business School, Emory Executive Education provides the global business community with topical thought leadership in key business areas. The Goizueta Executive Web Series is a series of webcasts lasting approximately one hour, featuring Goizueta's top faculty in  interactive sessions that allows time for questions and answers. It is updated regularly to add new programs, ensuring the most relevant and current information possible, so executives can regularly engage with us to better meet the ever-changing demands of their businesses.

Webcast Topics: Broadcast Dates Coming 2012

Managing Strategic Growth: An Executive Roundtable Discussion moderated by Professor Brad Killaly

Marketing and Branding Strategies presented by Professor Jag Sheth

Summary of Webcast 1: Global Economic Outlook – Jeff Rosensweig

Being an effective leader today means that the executive must understand and anticipate trends in the global economy. Executives must be able to distinguish between temporary fads and durable sources of economic opportunity.  Jeff Rosensweig, Associate Professor of Finance and Director of the Global Perspectives Institute at Goizueta Business School, gave a discussion of the economic outlook for 2010 on February 17. Professor Rosensweig focused on how to quickly identify current development trends and how to leverage this information to create competitive advantage for oneself and one's organization. Professor Rosensweig is uniquely positioned at the intersection of academia and the business world to give a comprehensive discussion of the global business environment and the trends for future growth. Email to request copy.

Summary of Webcast 2: Leading Innovation – Charles F. Goetz

On May 20, 2010, our second installment of the Goizueta Executive Web Series featured Goizueta professor and self-proclaimed "Serial Entrepreneur" Charles F. Goetz, who discussed Leading Innovation. There has never been a more important time to embrace innovation at an organizational level. Our ability to innovate depends on the extent to which organizations promote and reward critical thinking. Companies that embrace a culture of innovation are more likely to bring out their employees best ideas. In contrast, some companies punish unique thinking and reward the status quo. Managers need to understand how their leadership style can enhance or suppress the creativity of the people around them. Tapping into each individual's intrinsic motivation for success maximizes the ability to leverage critical thinking for organizational success. Email to request copy.

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