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With more than 40 exchange programs in 24 countries, BBAs can see the world through one of Goizueta's study abroad programs. For more school-specific information regarding course offerings, housing, program dates, scholarships, and estimated program costs, visit the partner school's website. Students interested in a foreign language exchange programs will be required to demonstrate proficiency at the time of application, either by completion of at least the 212 class level or native proficiency.


A limited number of partner schools reserve university-affiliated housing for study abroad students. In these cases, pay careful attention to deadlines for securing such housing, as communicated by the host school. Some schools provide plenty of help for students to secure housing, although it may not be owned or operated by the partner school.

In many countries, however, colleges do not offer housing services. In these cases, you will find a place to live on your own initiative. Some schools offer limited assistance; others trust students to secure their own arrangements. Many families send students over a few days early to stay in a hotel/hostel and look at potential apartments. While this can seem daunting, all of our students successfully complete this task every semester. A smaller number of families secure housing before the students fly to their destinations, a process involving much time, trust (in the agent or web material provided), and effort. Home stays are rare, but when available, the host school often has a coordinating role.

Housing at Partner Schools

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Student Experience Reports

What better way to learn about what it is like to live and study abroad than reading your peers' first-hand feedback regarding specific information on courses, safety, culture shock, housing, and money for each of the partner schools? Student experience reports are currently stored on the BBA Portal. Lists of recent Goizueta students who traveled to each partner school, as well as international exchange students hosted at Goizueta from our partner schools, are also available on the Portal.