Choosing a Program

Reasons to Study Abroad

Reasons real BBAs give to study abroad. What are your reasons?

  • To learn more about another culture
  • To expand my horizons beyond my familiarities
  • To travel to as many places as possible
  • To be able to hold full conversations in a foreign language
  • To learn something that I couldn't learn at Emory
  • To observe international business first-hand
  • To connect with other international students
  • To be more outgoing
  • To build a network
  • To study cultural differences
  • To become more independent

How is study abroad at Goizueta distinctive? Goizueta practices international exchange -- trading students with an elite cadre of international partner schools. Hallmarks of our program:

  • Direct enrollment & immersion in foreign schools
  • Body-for-body trade, so international students come to Goizueta classrooms
  • Student does much prep work: visas, housing, travel, enrollment
  • Often results in more independence and self-confidence

Typical US models

  • Participation in US-hosted & sponsored programs
  • Abroad with other Americans and in special/reserved classes
  • Program host handles much prep work
  • Chances to develop independent living and coping skills harder to find

By asking yourself a few basic questions, you can focus on programs of most interest to you.

  • English or foreign language speaking?
  • Offers the kinds of classes I need and want?
  • A place I already love, or a new place?
  • Where friends and family are, on my own?
  • Within my budget?
  • Learn more about my heritage?
  • Will I feel safe? Can I handle the kind of housing available?
  • Will my family support me choosing this place?
  • Can meet my special needs (dietary, religious, etc)?
  • Dates of attendance match my schedule and plans?

Steps to Study Abroad

Attend an Information Session (Required)

  • Info Sessions at are held at each BBA Orientation.
  • Topics covered via info sessions: partner schools, money matters, how to apply

Program Research

A few things you will want to learn more about. You can find this information and more on the BBA Portal.

  • Choosing the right program, including semester-long exchange at one of our partner schools, Goizueta international study trips, CIPA summer programs, or a summer internship abroad.
  • Academics: Database of Approved Courses (see how courses previously taken abroad have transferred to Goizueta), study abroad academic advising, study abroad credit policies
  • Money Matters (costs, scholarships, and financial aid)
  • Student experience reports (read your peers' first-hand feedback regarding courses, safety, culture shock, housing, money, and more)

Schedule Study Abroad Advising via the BBA Portal

Study abroad advising is required for all study abroad applicants. You will talk about the following and more at your advising appointment with BBA IP:

  • Discuss your specific goals with BBA International Programs
  • Ask questions
  • Review costs, funding and scholarships
  • Go over application requirements
  • Discuss course equivalency and how a semester abroad fits into your academic advising plan

Application Due Dates

February 15 is the deadline for students who plan to study abroad during the fall semester. September 10 is the deadline for students who plan to study abroad during the spring semester.


Applicants will be notified of results within 4 weeks of receipt of a complete application. After notification, students have 1 week to accept or decline the one offer each student will receive to a specific partner school.

Information Sessions

If you're interested in studying abroad on a BBA exchange program for a fall or spring semester, attend an information session before you meet with BBA International Programs. These information sessions (conducted each semester at new BBA Orientation) are designed to answer any questions you may have and provide basic information on what you need to do in order to go abroad!

For those students who want to get an early start and just cannot wait until BBA Orientation, please use this website plus the BBA Portal to get up to speed on study abroad matters before meeting with BBA International Programs.

Study Abroad Advising

BBA International Programs holds regular advising appointments while fall and spring classes are in session. Sign up on the BBA Portal.

Before the meeting, you should:

  1. Attend an Information Session at Orientation before making your appointment, or study the info on the BBA Portal.
  2. Think about your goals: what is most important to you from a study abroad experience (language acquisition, cultural development, resume building, professional enrichment, personal growth, travel, etc.)
  3. Start some basic research

During the meeting, we will discuss:

  • Your area depth(s), courses you could take abroad, classes to take now, and classes to save.
  • How to find the best destinations by matching up your area depth(s), courses, timing considerations, and your personal, professional, and academic goals.
  • Your desired program locations and what you hope to achieve when studying abroad.
  • The application process and requirements, including notification.
  • Money matters and funding options.
  • Competitiveness of selected programs, and what is considered in determining selections.
  • How to find and use resources for further research and preparation: program materials, student experience reports, partner schools' websites and course listings, course equivalency database.
  • Expectations. For a successful study abroad experience, you need to be flexible, independent, resourceful, and responsible. We expect you to share your findings with your parents and keep them informed about costs, the process, health and safety concerns, and for you to be the source of information to answer their questions.