Determining when and where to study abroad from an academic perspective depends on factors specific to each student -- your area depth(s) and possible second major, credit already completed, and where you want to go, to name a few. Course offerings vary by location and semester, so what you want to take while you're away plays a role, too. Plan early - starting the semester you apply to Goizueta is ideal - so you can customize a plan to fit your academic, internship, financial, and personal needs.

Studying abroad during fall or spring semester of third year fits well for most students. The examples below show some common ways that Goizueta students of various area depths fit a semester of required classes into study abroad. Other approaches are possible.


  • Students must be currently enrolled in the Goizueta Business School at the time of application.
  • Students must have successfully completed a minimum of three regular fall or spring semesters.
  • Students must have successfully completed a minimum of three of the following core courses: BUS 211, BUS 320, BUS 330, BUS 331, BUS 340, BUS 351, or BUS 410. Such courses do not have to be completed at the time of the application deadline, only before the student goes abroad.
  • Students must be in good academic standing, with a cumulative and most-recent-semester GPA of at least 3.0.
  • At select schools, students must meet minimum language requirements: class level 212 or higher, or native fluency.

How do you submit a petition? You submit, electronically on EagleOps, an additional, page along with your persuasive proposal essay. This additional page should address the reasons for your petition. You also need one faculty recommendation letter (from an Emory, Oxford, or Goizueta professor) in academic support of your plan.

If this applies to you, please be aware that (1) there is no guarantee that your petition will be accepted, and (2) if you are petitioning because you are not yet admitted to Goizueta, your program placement request will be considered *after* all currently admitted students AND *after* you receive a decision about your admission to the Goizueta Business School. Under no circumstances will a waitlisted student be allowed to study abroad in his/her first semester at Goizueta.

Planning for study abroad: A long term view

Semesters 1-3: Investigate

  • Take general education requirements and business school pre-requisite courses
  • Get pre-BBA and BBA International Programs advising
  • Do some basic research

Semester 4 or 5 (depending on when you matriculate to the business school): Apply

  • By February 15 to spend semester 5 abroad
  • By September 10 to spend semester 6 abroad

Semester 5 or 6: Experience

  • Do great work in classes abroad
  • Accumulate personal and professional experiences
  • Return to Goizueta ready for the next challenge

Semester 6, 7, and 8: Connect

  • Write an experience report
  • Serve as a gIN buddy for incoming exchange students
  • Nourish your passion for all things international

Academic Advising

As part of the application process, you must meet with BBA International Programs.

What will be discussed when I meet with BBA IP?

  • Out of your remaining degree requirements, which could possibly be fulfilled abroad?
  • Degree requirements that must be taken at Goizueta, paying particular attention to pre-requisites, sequenced classes, and classes offered only once a year.
  • Graduation dates, and deadlines for applying for graduation.
  • Characteristics of partner schools that correspond to your interests and requirements.

Database of Approved Courses

Curious about what classes you can take abroad? Search the Database of Approved Courses to see what business and non-business courses Goizueta students have taken abroad and how they transferred to Emory. Need to get a new course reviewed? Submit an online course approval form. [Note: you will need your Goizueta username and password to access these resources.

Important Notice Concerning the Database of Approved Courses

You must read and acknowledge your understanding of this policy before you access the online database.

The database is a tool intended to help students explore course offerings at partner schools. It cannot replace the specific guidance students receive in an individual advising appointment. To use the database most effectively, it's important to understand what information it conveys as well as its limitations, as outlined below.

The database reflects the courses students have taken at some point abroad and the Emory credit they received. A student who takes the same business course at the same partner university may expect to earn the same credit, barring any substantial changes to the course content.

Each partner has its own guidelines on what type of coursework it makes available to exchange students. Exchange advisors help students match their course plans and goals with partners' offerings. (At University of St. Gallen, for example, Goizueta students are permitted to choose from bachelor or master level courses).

Students are not restricted to the courses listed in the database. It is a living, growing document; as additional courses are evaluated, they are incorporated into the record. Courses must be re-evaluated every four years.

The database provides no information on when (which semester) or if a course will be offered. For this information students should consult the host institution's course offer. Often, specific courses are offered just once a year, while special topics courses may be offered only one time.

The database is historical record. Just as at Emory, partner schools periodically implement curriculum changes, and courses may change in content or be canceled. If the material covered for a specific course title changes substantially or credit hours are adjusted, (not common, but we have encountered these issues) a re-evaluation of the course will be necessary.

It is possible to have a business or non-business course at a partner school evaluated at any time, if a syllabus is available. Read about the procedures for consideration of new courses.

In addition to the classes referenced in the Database of Approved Courses, the partner universities offer additional business and non-business courses. Students are encouraged to visit the partner school's website to view course catalogs and specific course information.

Reminder of Goizueta Study Abroad Credit Policies

Students are expected to register for an equivalent of a full semester of courses the semester they study abroad, taking at least 2 business classes (some partners may require more). Please review this chart to see what credit load at each partner school is equivalent to a full Goizueta semester.

Some host schools offer classes worth only part of a regular class. When by choice or necessity students enroll in partial classes, they must take additional courses to fulfill equal a full course load. For example, two half-classes equal one full course; 3 courses worth 2/3 of a regular class equal two full courses. Schools offering a number of partial classes include but are not limited to EPSCI, ESADE, IDC Herzliya, University of Economics, University of St. Gallen, University of Economics, Prague, & Vienna University of Econ. & Bus Admin. Students studying abroad at these schools will almost certainly have to take more than 4 or 5 courses to earn a full semester of credit while abroad.

Students may earn credit for a maximum of 3 business major requirements while abroad. That means every student takes at least one free/flex class; many will take two. Students may earn credit for a maximum of two core courses while abroad. Students may earn credit up to two business electives while abroad.

At least 4 of the 6 business electives that all BBA students must take to complete the business major must be completed in Atlanta at Goizueta. No matter how many business electives a student takes while abroad, the student will still be required to take 4 business electives in Atlanta at Goizueta to graduate.

Students must take BUS 211 (Managerial Accounting), BUS 365 (Business Communications), BUS 410 (Legal Environment of Business), and any outstanding continuing writing requirement GER courses at Emory.

Pre-Departure Registration

Formal registration at Emory/Goizueta and the host school are two separate matters.

At Emory/Goizueta

The registrar's office at Goizueta will enroll you in a full semester of generic BUS 494 credit at Emory. When this occurs, any classes you may have selected during pre-registration/bidding will be removed. This generates a tuition bill, which you will pay by the deadline in the same manner as that of any other semester. It also serves as a place-holder until we transfer your study abroad credit.

At the host school

Students generally receive information from their host schools 1-2 months before classes begin, outlining the steps to register for classes there. At all host schools it is possible to make changes after arrival, although the number of changes is restricted at some.


Grades for the courses you take abroad are determined by the host institution.

  • You are responsible for meeting the performance expectations of your host instructors and for following the host institution's processes and policies regarding grades and credit.
  • Emory cannot overrule another instructor's evaluation or another institution's policies. Any questions or issues you have concerning a grade earned abroad must be directed to the instructor of the course.
  • Grades from abroad are evaluated by Goizueta according to established guidelines. You can review the conversion chart here.
  • You may notice that only the equivalents to B- are noted at each host school. This is because BBAs are required to earn the local equivalent of a B- or better in each course taken abroad for which they hope to earn business major credit (i.e., a core class or area depth elective).
  • For classes taken abroad in which students earn a passing grade that is lower than a B-, only general credit toward graduation will be granted.
  • No credit will be granted for business major courses in which a student earns less than a B-, or local equivalent.

Academic Integrity

The Goizueta honor code and Emory conduct code still apply for Goizueta students participating on study abroad programs. There will also be host school codes to follow—ask your exchange coordinator at the host school for details.

Upon Return to Goizueta

It normally takes two to four months following the exchange semester to reflect your study abroad academic work on your Emory transcript. It may take even more time for students with unique and individual situations.

The BBA International Programs office works closely with the registrar to complete students' records. In accordance with guidelines established with the registrar, coursework pending from the exchange semester will be listed as soon as possible and practical on OPUS.

Due to differences in calendars, marking and grade reporting procedures, the time it takes to receive a final grade report varies from partner to partner. Until a transcript of some sort is available, it is not possible to complete a student's record, and courses will continue to show on the Emory transcript as generic BUS 494 hours with a grade of I for Incomplete.

Graduating seniors receive first priority in processing. Graduating students' records must then be completed by certification at the end of the semester to graduate. Students whose records cannot be completed in time for certification may graduate in absentia in the semester that follows.