International Programs Overview

International programs at Goizueta encompass more than study abroad. They include a globally focused course that every BBA takes, international study trips, international internships, and opportunities for interaction with the 100+ international exchange students hosted at Goizueta each year.

Through our partnerships with the world's best business and management education institutions, Goizueta BBA students can take advantage of opportunities to expand their knowledge of other cultures, become fluent in other languages, and complement their Goizueta education by becoming more informed about the global marketplace.

BBA students may apply to study abroad after the completion of their first semester at Goizueta. International exchange students from our partner universities are welcome in their advanced years of study.

The BBA International Programs Team

Valerie Molyneaux


Work scope: Oversee general exchange program, partnerships, quota, incoming and outgoing exchange students, course approvals

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