Wrapping Up Your Exchange

Things To Do Before Leaving Goizueta

Please note:

  • Students must depart from university accommodation no later than the Saturday after the last day of exams each semester. Please view the most current academic calendar of Emory University here to determine what that date will be for each semester of exchange.
  • The last day of exams will not be known for each individual student until the mid-point of each semester. For this reason, students should make travel plans that accommodate the latest possible exam date.

1. Goodbye Party & Buddy Program Final Event

Please check the gIN Facebook group for details.

2. Departure

Once you have completed all your final exams and course requirements, you can leave Atlanta any time after completing these closing down procedures. There is no formal "check-out" in our office.

3. Address & Mail

Before the last day of finals but after classes, please change your local address to your permanent address in your home country using OPUS. This way, any university correspondence will be sent home for you.

Be sure to complete a forwarding address form with the U.S. Post office and/or your residence so you won't miss any other mail after you leave Atlanta.

4. Library Books

Return all library materials (books, CDs, videos, DVDs) to their respective libraries, whether from Emory or any other sources. Pay any fines or bars. Note that there can be a delay when fines or fees are posted, so you should check before the end of the semester and again just after.

5. Fees and Fines

After you close your computer account & return library materials, pay any fees or fines that you may have incurred (health services, parking, printing, etc.). Go by the Bursar's Office in the B Jones Building to pay. You may check for any outstanding balance on OPUS. Ensure you have paid any outstanding debts to your housing/accommodation office as well.

Emory cannot release grades or transcripts if you owe any fees.

6. Grades

You must fill up an official transcript request form via the OPUS system to have at least one official transcript sent to your home university. You can check your grades on-line using the OPUS system to see what your final marks are.

7. Internship

If you want to have an internship after your exchange, it must relate to your field of study. You must have your visa extended at the International Student and Scholar Services Office.

8. DS-2019 / J-1 Visas

Check when your exchange student DS-2019 and J-1 visa will expire. You will have 30 days to leave the U.S. after the date printed on the D.S. 2019. Please note that you cannot leave the U.S. and then return during this 30 day grace period. You must stay within the U.S, or obtain a new, separate visa to return. If you have any questions, contact International Student and Scholar Services.

For exchange students continuing academic studies at Emory for two semesters, please check your DS-2019 to make sure that it will not expire after only one semester.

9. Exit Survey

We ask you to complete an online questionnaire about your experience here at Goizueta. Your comments help us to better prepare for the next group of incoming exchange students.

Finally, please stop in to say goodbye! We've enjoyed hosting you. We wish you a safe trip home and best of luck with your future endeavors!