How to Apply

Nomination by Home University

The exchange coordinator at your home university is responsible for officially nominating you for your period of exchange. After the nomination deadline has passed, we will contact nominated students regarding the next steps they should take to apply for their exchange.

NOTE: If you are interested in studying at Goizueta Business School of Emory University as a free mover (not an official nominee or student from one of our partner schools), please contact BBA International Programs directly. For planning purposes, please consider the following requirements:

  1. Official confirmation that your studies at Goizueta will be transferred toward your home university degree requirements; and
  2. Payment of regular Emory undergraduate tuition, which you can read about here.

Submit an Online Application

Here we describe the forms and supporting documents needed to study abroad at the Goizueta Business School on exchange. Read all instructions carefully. Missing, incomplete or incorrect items will delay processing!

Online Exchange Application

Fall Semester

For exchanges beginning in our fall semester (August through December), student application materials are due by April 15. Students may begin preparing the application materials as soon as your internal selection process has concluded.

Spring Semester

For exchanges beginning in our spring semester (January through May), student application materials are due by October 1. Students may begin preparing the application materials as soon as your internal selection process has concluded.

Please see email from BBA International Programs or your home university exchange coordinator for the password required to access this link.

Exchange students have a chance to note housing preferences on the online application (shared or individual bedroom). While we cannot guarantee that you will get the exact accommodation type you request, we have excellent results in getting students into the type of accommodation they prefer.

As per exchange agreements with your home university, you must accept this housing offer unless you secure official permission for exemption from both the home and host university.

Read more about exchange student accommodation.

Submit Required Documents

You must electronically submit required documents. Most of them are used to grant your visa. This section explains which documents are required.

Required Documents

Document Submission Rules

  1. We only accept documents in PDF form.
  2. We only accept one PDF per required document. If the document consists of more than one page, scan those pages together and save them as a single PDF.
  3. We only accept documents that are named correctly. The correct names are as follows:
    • Lastname_Firstname_Financial_Certificate
    • Lastname_Firstname_Bank_Statement
    • Lastname_Firstname_Financial_Affidavit
    • Lastname_Firstname_Transcript
    • Lastname_Firstname_Passport
    • Lastname_Firstname_Language_Verification

Because the entire application is submitted electronically, neither you nor your coordinator should send us any paper documents by post. However, if you have a learning agreement from your university that you want us to sign, please email us and we will sign and return it to you via scan.

Once we have processed the online application and supporting documents, we will inform you via email if anything is missing. We will not begin processing the documents after the application deadline. Please note that it can take up to six weeks to process all of the documents, including preparation of your visa materials. Please do not worry if you do not hear from us immediately.

Upload Photo for Student Card

All exchange students are required to upload a photo using "My First Photo," EmoryCard Services' Online Photo Submission tool. Submit your photo online no later than:

  • August 1st for Fall Semester
  • January 2nd for Spring Semester

Upload Photo

Be sure to read all instructions carefully prior to submitting a photo. Photos for the EmoryCard must be a standard passport ready headshot with a plain, white background. Photo headshots are to be in color, close up, and cropped from the top of your shoulders, showing a full front view of your face. With certain exceptions for religious accommodations, you are NOT permitted to wear hats, sunglasses, or any other article that may obstruct the face or hair. Photos that do not meet the specific criteria will be rejected and you will be required to restart the process. Once your card is made, your card will then be distributed directly to you at your school's orientation session.

Students with difficulties uploading photos or questions may contact the EmoryCard Services office at 404-727-6095 or via their website.

Submit a Course Request Form

Recording your preference for courses is the next part of the online application, after the online application and submission of required documents. Submit the online course request form by November 1 for exchange study beginning in January/spring, or by May 15 for exchange study beginning in August/fall. Courses are NOT allocated on a first come, first served basis. So when you record your preferences does not matter, so long as you record them by the deadline.

Online Course Request Form

You can read more about Goizueta's academic system and our course offer on our website. Please note that the minimum workload for exchange students is 12 credits; the typical workload is 15 credits. Please make sure that your home university will accept/transfer/validate the courses you choose to enroll in at Goizueta.

In submitting the course request form, you request places in classes. Actual registration (the conversion of requests to confirmed places) occurs in cooperation between BBA International Programs and the Goizueta registrar's office. The course request process is NOT registration. Schedule changes are possible during the first week of classes.

Submit an Arrival Form

Submit the online arrival form by December 1 for exchange study beginning in January, or by July 15 for exchange study beginning in August.

BBA International Programs will coordinate airport transfers on the official arrival days each semester for flights arriving between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm. Detailed instructions will be sent directly to incoming exchange students each semester.

Arrival Form

Provide Health Insurance and Vaccination Information

All international and exchange students at Emory are required to have health insurance coverage during their exchange semester(s). Students are automatically enrolled and charged for the Emory student health insurance, unless they complete the insurance waiver form.

Read the health insurance requirements and decide if you want to purchase the Emory policy. If not, obtain alternative insurance and complete the waiver request online through OPUS no later than July 1 or December 1.

Submit Student Immunization Record

Read Emory University's immunization requirements and ensure that you have submitted the Student Immunization Record via the online portal. Obtain certificates of immunizations and vaccinations for you and your accompanying dependents.

Obtain copies of your important medical and dental records, x-rays, and prescriptions.