Junior Seminars

Junior Seminars consist of a series of speakers and symposia scheduled throughout the junior year that focus on building leadership, communications, career development, business computing, and academic skills. Seminars offered vary by semester and include sessions on career management, business research (through the library), leadership, computing technology, academic skills and professional development.

Senior Seminars

Senior Seminars are designed to give students professional and industry-specific knowledge that falls outside the scope of traditional BBA courses.

Most seminars are taught by industry professionals and provide unique insights from a practitioner's point of view. BBA students enroll in one senior seminar in each of the final two semesters of enrollment at Emory. Each seminar meets 5 times. Seminars offered vary by year. Recently offered seminars include:

  • Acting Skills for Business Performance
  • Business Etiquette
  • The Business of Law
  • Careers in Digital Marketing
  • Contemporary Issues in Accounting
  • Current Events and Business Impact
  • The Entertainment Industry
  • Excel for Beginners and Intermediate Users
  • Financial Modeling in Excel
  • Going Global: A Practical Guide
  • Guerilla and Street Marketing
  • Hot Topics: Wall Street and Investing
  • Innovative Marketing Approaches to Build Brand Love
  • Organization and Administration of an NBA Franchise
  • Owning Your Case-Based Interview
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Real Estate Topics
  • Strategies for Persuasion in Business: Debate and Critical Thinking

Fall 2015 Senior Seminars