Goizueta Advanced Leadership Training Certificate

Goizueta believes that individual development and personal growth is most effectively achieved over time, experientially, and through multiple venues. Leadership is important at all levels of an organization, requiring a varied repertoire of styles and competencies. Our goal is to enhance not only our students' cognitive capabilities, but also hone their social, behavioral, and emotional skills. These four interconnected dimensions are embedded in the positive values and principles that support and inform the entire Goizueta community.

In the spirit of leadership and service, the BBA Program Office is proud to announce the launch of the Goizueta Advanced Leadership Training Certificate. This certificate is intended to distinguish BBA students who have committed themselves to going above and beyond in pursuing leadership opportunities and developing the skills and competencies necessary to solidify their leadership styles. This certificate denotes attainment of leadership and coaching skills and is a point that distinguishes students that complete the requirements.

All BBA students are eligible to complete the Goizueta Advanced Leadership Training Certificate. Requirements can be found on the BBA Portal.

For more information, contact Jane Hershman, BBA Program Associate Director (404-727-6543).