Leadership Certificate

Juniors may earn a BBA Leadership Certificate by completing the following:

  • BBA Orientation
  • 360 degree assessment
  • Individual coaching session with advisor to receive, review & interpret 360 results*
  • Creation and maintenance of an ePortfolio
  • Participate in one service activity with Goizueta Service Organization*
  • Attendance at a minimum of two Junior Seminars with the "L" designation*

*Students will receive Junior Seminar credit for these activities

Seniors who have earned the BBA Leadership Certificate are eligible to apply to participate in the Service Leadership Senior Seminar.  The Service Leadership Senior Seminar will provide students who already have foundational exposure to Leadership with an opportunity to exercise the leadership skills they have developed.  Students will: 

  • Work in small groups to identify a community need
  • Create a service project to address the identified need
  • Market their service project to recruit BBA Juniors as volunteers
  • Oversee the execution of the service project
  • Prepare a one page summary report of their service project
  • Complete a follow up 360 degree assessment
  • Participate in a coaching session in which individualized comparative 360 data will be analyzed 

For more information contact:

Robin Dunn
Associate Director, BBA Program