Career Timeline

Career Management Career Timeline

Junior Year-First Semester

  • Acclimate to the business school - this semester's GPA is critical for internship interviews
  • Update your resume
  • Create Eagle Ops Profile
  • Meet with a career advisor & BBA librarian
  • Utilize "Vault" and "Wetfeet" career guides
  • Take the "Career Leader" assessment
  • Attend Career events and CMC junior seminars
  • Find a mentor, join BBA clubs and attend the Fall Career Fair

Junior Year-Second Semester

  • Attend the January Career Trek
  • Apply for summer internships starting in January
  • Check the events calendar on Eagle Ops for recruiting deadlines
  • Attend junior seminars that feature industry-specific panels
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews using Eagle Ops
  • Practice interviewing with a career advisor
  • Attend the Spring Career Fair
  • Consider a volunteer experience if you do not obtain an internship


  • Attend the August Career Trek
  • Complete your summer internship and update your resume

Senior Year-First Semester

  • Meet with your career advisor early
  • Update your Eagle Ops profile
  • Participate in on-campus recruiting
  • Create your target list of companies and begin identifying alumni to contact
  • Attend all on-campus recruiting events and information sessions
  • Set up informational meeting with alumni during Fall and Winter breaks

Senior Year-Second Semester

  • Utilize the alumni directory to locate GBS alumni to contact
  • Apply to smaller companies and advertising agencies
  • Use the "Book of Lists" and other library resources
  • Apply directly via company websites
  • Follow up with alumni and contacts you developed during Fall semester
  • Stay in contact with your career advisor to modify your strategy
  • Don’t panic if you are still looking because the CMC team is available all summer