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International Internship in Austria

In May, 2010, four intrepid BBAs set off across the Atlantic Ocean to spend ten weeks living, working, and learning German in scenic Linz, Austria, as part of an elite group of undergraduate exchange students. Goizueta Business School's oldest international partner, Johannes Kepler University, places up to four of our best BBAs each summer at Linz companies at which JKU alumni work.  In return, Goizueta hosts up to two of JKU's best business students for one full year of study in the BBA Program. Some wonderful traditions have grown up around the program. The previous year's JKU students act as summer hosts to the Goizueta students when they go to Linz. The most recent cultural ambassador to fulfill this role was Johanna Lehner.  She hosted the students in the photograph (from right to left): Lin Tiffany Zhang, Nicholas Koziak, Vitaliy Kats, and Laura Bakewell. JKU program creator Prof. Dr. Gerhard Reber hosts our BBAs for a dinner while they are in Linz. The students make short trips on weekends to nearby Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague, as pictured.  And now, returning Linz interns will help to interview the next applicants!

If your student is interested in an international internship in one of the top companies in Linz, Austria, please ask him or her to keep an eye on the BBA News conference and 3rd floor television for January announcements about the Linz interest reception and application process.

Valerie Molyneaux, Director, International Programs