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Goizueta Shadows

    What is life in the professional sphere really like? The Goizueta Shadows Program allows students to find out by offering the opportunity to gain on-site experience in their area depth , as well as b uild their professional network. Students spend a day “shadowing” an alumni or professional at a participating accounting, consulting, marketing, or finance firm within the Atlanta area. Besides providing students with insight into their profession’s daily job activities and requirements, the program is also beneficial to the Goizueta community. It allows companies who might not currently be recruiting at Emory to see the caliber of students for themselves while also developing a relationship with the Goizueta Business School.

    Goizueta Shadows

    Gordon McKemie (BBA07) started the program in the spring of 2006 in response to students’ requests for increased career and internship opportunities. The Shadows Program has since placed 167 students in 20 Atlanta firms. This semester the coordinators, Carolyn Chandler and Danielle Rounick, matched 38 students with 14 firms including 360i Marketing, A.T. Kearney, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Delta, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and SunTrust Bank.

    While “Shadowing Day” is unique in each company, most host companies explain their daily routine, introduce the students to their products, provide a tour and reserve time for casual Q&A with alumni and employees over lunch.

    Student response to the Shadows Program, both this semester and in years past, has been outstanding. In a survey provided to students who participated in the program this year, 95% said they would recommend Shadows to a friend and 90% said they thought Shadows helped them get a better feel for the lifestyle of their respective professions.

    Check out the student excitement from the recent Shadows visits:

    “The shadow experience with A.T. Kearny was very informative. As a junior with little knowledge of consulting, I received a great explanation of what consulting consists of on a day-to-day basis. I learned the different types of projects you could be assigned to as a consultant, how it would be starting off after graduation and how the company hierarchy wsorks, as well as the negative and positive aspects of the job.”

    “I enjoyed shadowing at PricewaterhouseCoopers. As an accounting student, you learn a lot of textbook knowledge from your courses and do practice problems, but in the real world, industry solves the problems; they are not pre-written. At PricewaterhouseCoopers, I befriended Matt who worked in Risk Assessment. Matt was very open and personable, and he let me read a ‘classified’ report that he had done a year ago. I met several of his co-workers and got to feel what it was like to work in an accounting office. You cannot get this experience from reading a textbook. I would recommend that any student interested in accounting shadow at PWC. It was an experience of a lifetime!”

    “I really enjoyed my time shadowing with a number of Wells Fargo employees. I met a variety of personnel from business development, corporate foreign exchange and corporate and commercial banking. They were very friendly and a group of us had many opportunities to listen to professional advice and general information about the company. I would definitely recommend shadowing at Wells Fargo for anyone interested in commercial banking or corporate banking. It is extremely useful to get to know employees, speak to them about their work lives and get a feel for what the company's culture is like.”

    The Shadows Program is always looking for new companies in the Atlanta area to host students. The next Shadowing dates will be in the spring 2008 semester. Please email for more information about how to get involved.

    Danielle Rounick, Shadows Coordinator, BBA 08