Robert Kazanjian 
Professor of Organization & Management 
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Professor Kazanjian's interests focus on the growth and development of technology-based new ventures, the management of technology in large, complex organizations, and on large-scale strategic change. View profile

Peter W. Roberts 
Professor of Organization & Management 
PhD, University of Alberta 

Professor Roberts' interests include relationships between innovation and firm-level performance, intangible assets in evolution of firm performance, and organizational reputation and identity. View profile

Anand Swaminathan 
Associate Dean and Director of Goizueta Doctoral Program; Goizueta Chair and Professor of Organization and Management 
PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Professor Swaminathan's research touches a wide range of organizational issues, including industry evolution, strategies for niche/specialist firms, and applications of social network theory. View profile

L.G. Thomas 
Professor of Organization & Management 
PhD, Duke University

Professor Thomas' research focuses on the overlap between strategic management and government industrial policy. View profile

Peter Thompson
Professor of Organization & Management
PhD, University of Florida

Professor Thompsons' research includes both theoretical and empirical work, has covered a variety of fields, including endogenous growth theory, industry evolution, entrepreneurship, organizational learning, and medical decision making. View profile  

James Wade
Asa Griggs Candler Chaired Professor of Organization & Management  

Some of Professor Wade's current research explores product demography and its consequences in the storage industry, status dynamics among corporate CEOs, the determinants and outcomes of political scandals, the evolution of sports leagues, stigmatization and identity processes among products in the pharmaceutical industry, categorization processes in the Brazilian film industry, and career mobility among NFL coaching staff. View profile

Associate Professors 

Rich Makadok 
Associate Professor of Organization & Management 
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Professor Makadok's research interests include empirical applications of evolutionary and resource-based theories of the firm, the sustainability of competitive advantage, and product innovation. View profile

"The size of our program is relatively small and the academic background of our faculty diverse. Yet, our core interests revolve around how organizational processes influence the way that markets are structured and function."
-Giacomo Negro, Associate Professor of Organization & Management

Giacomo Negro 
Associate Professor of Organization & Management; Doctoral Area Coordinator for Organization & Management; Caldwell Research Fellow
PhD, Bocconi University

Professor Negro’s research includes organizational theory, organizational ecology, social categorization and identity and cultural and creative industries. View profile

Jill Perry-Smith 
Associate Professor of Organization & Management 
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology

Professor Perry-Smith's interests include the effects of informal social networks on creativity and the impact of work-life initiatives on firm and individual performance. View profile

Assistant Professors

Emily Bianchi
Assistant Professor of Organization & Management 
PhD, Columbia University

Emily Bianchi joined the Goizueta Business School in 2011. She holds an MPhil in Management from Columbia University and a BA in Psychology from Harvard University. View profile 

Wesley Longhofer
Assistant Professor of Organization & Management

Christopher Rider 
Assistant Professor of Organization & Management 
PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Professor Rider’s research focuses on organizational theory, economic sociology, networks, entrepreneurship and private equity. View profile

Melissa Williams
Assistant Professor of Organization & Management 
PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Melissa J. Williams joined the Goizueta faculty in 2011, after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford. Her research focuses on the components of interpersonal interaction that operate outside of conscious awareness. View profile