Dissertations and Placements

David Kryscynski (Organization & Management), 2011 
Brigham Young University
The Strategic Implications of Firm Specific Incentives

Laura McClelland (Organization & Management), 2011 
Virginia Commonwealth University
From Compassion to Client Satisfaction:  Examing the Relationship Between Routines that Facilitate Compassion and Quality of Service

Adina Sterling (Organization & Management), 2011 
Stanford University
Who You Know:  Preexisting Contacts and Their Influence on Newcomers' Notice

Scott Hayward (Organization & Management), 2009 
Appalachian State University
Industrial Georgraphy as a Driver of Revolutionary Innovations

Chad Navis (Organization & Management), 2009 
Clemson University
Old Mindsets and New Opportunities:  How the Composition of Founding Teams Affects the Survival of New Ventures

David Tan (Organization & Management), 2009 
University of Washington
Market Crowding and Appropriability in the Semiconductor Industry