Dissertations and Placements

Chen Lin (Marketing), 2012
Michigan State University
Modeling Complex Decisions Under Multiple Consumption Scenarios

Omer Cem Ozturk (Marketing), 2012
Georgia Institute of Technology
Essays on Bankruptcy-Induced Exits and Market Outcomes

Omar Rodriguez (Marketing), 2012
Georgia Institute of Technology
Sustainability, Marketing Capability, and Firm Performance

Vijay Viswanathan (Marketing), 2010 
Northwestern University
Essays on Brand Architecture and Individual Brand Performance

Guiyang Xiong (Marketing), 2010 
University of Georgia
Essays on Business to Business Marketing, Network & Firm Value

Adina Barbulescu (Marketing), 2009 
University of Tennessee
Determinants of Brand Certainty

Martha Tipton (Marketing), 2009 
Singapore Management University
Essays on Deceptive Marketing Strategy

Astrid Keel (Marketing), 2008 
Auburn University
Two Essays on Promotional Strategies

Suleyman (Cem) Bahadir (Marketing), 2007
University of South Carolina
Essays on Marketing Investments and Brand Performance

Rodrigo Guesalaga (Marketing), 2007 
Universidad Catolica
Top Management Involvement with Key Accounts:  The Concept, its Dimensions, and Strategic Outcomes

Jade Sturdy (Marketing), 2007 
University of Texas-Austin
The Role of Market Signals in Acquiring Customers and Growing Sales:  The Case of Start-Up Firms

Kapil Tuli (Marketing), 2006 
Singapore Management University
A Longitudinal Investigation of Consequences of Customer Relationship Multiplexity