Dissertations and Placements

Astrid Fontaine (Information Systems), 2012
Chinese European International Business School (CEIBS)
Information Technology Implications in Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions,and Demergers

Abhishek Kathuria (Information Systems), 2012
The University of Hong Kong
Janus Rising: Information Technology Role in Facilitation ofOrganizational Ambidexterity and Identity

Joycelyn Streator (Information Systems), 2010
Communication Repertories:  Individual Factors, Communication Norms and Classification Schemes

Sascha Vitzthum (Information Systems), 2009 
Illinois Wesleyan University
Enabling on Demand Business:  The Influence of Service Oriented Computing Principles on IT Architecture

David Bray (Information Systems), 2008
Science and Technology Policy Institute
Knowledge Ecosystems:  Technology, Motivations, Processes and Performance

Yuanyuan Chen (Information Systems), 2008 
National University of Singapore
Information System Outsourcing Contracts:  an Empirical Study of Characteristics, Evolutions and Determinant

Roopa Raman (Information Systems), 2008
Clemson University
Social Networks and Adaptability to IT-Enabled Change:  The Case of Healthcare Information Technologies

Eric Overby (Information Systems), 2007
Georgia Tech
From the Physical to the Virtual:  Process Virtualization Theory and an Examination of Market Practice in the Wholesale Automotive Industry

Aditya Sharma (Information Systems), 2007 
NC Central University
RFID Adoption & Expected Integration Drivers:  An integrative perspective on radical interorganizational

Gerald Kane (Information Systems), 2006 
Boston College
Casting the Net:  A Multimodal Perspective on Knowledge Sharing