Financing Doctoral Studies

The doctoral program is designed to be a full-time, five-year program. Full tuition scholarships and attractive stipends will be awarded to most students in the program during the first four years of their studies, provided they are in good standing and making satisfactory progress. Fifth year funding is also available to those students who have reached candidacy by the beginning of their fifth year and are in good academic standing.

Student Loans

The Emory Office of Financial Aid (OFA) assists eligible students with applying for and obtaining student loans. Among the factors you should consider before obtaining a loan are your total indebtedness, including undergraduate student loans; mean time to degree in your department/program; and estimated starting salaries in your field. There is no magic formula, but there are reliable calculators that can help master's and doctoral students make informed decisions about the timing and the amount of student loans.

Research Support

The Business School has established a research support budget for each Ph.D. student to be used for data collection, books, travel, etc. The Sheth Research Fund offers additional dissertation support for students who have successfully completed their comprehensive exams.