Dissertations and Placements

Maria Wieczynska (Accounting), 2014
Arizona State University
The 'Big' Consequences of IFRS:  How and When Does the Adoption of IFRS Benefit Global Accounting Firms?

Donald Young (Accounting), 2013
Georgia Institute of Technology
Anticipating Human Behavior:  How Social Norms and Social Ties Influence Compliance with Financial Reporting Standards

Jongwoon Willie Choi (Accounting), 2011
University of Pittsburgh
Does Gift Compensation Affect Worker Effort and Performance?

Maria Vulcheva (Accounting), 2011 
Florida International University
Who Paid the Highest Price for Higher Quality?:  The Delisting Decisions of European Companies and the Mandatory Introduction of IFRS

Paul Madsen (Accounting), 2010 
University of Florida
How Have U.S. Accounting Standard-Setters Influenced the Accounting Profession?

Marcus Kirk (Accounting), 2009 
University of Florida
The Dark Side of Investor Relations

David Reppenhagen (Accounting), 2009 
University of Florida
Does Contagion of Accounting Policy Choices Occur?

Ivo Tafkov (Accounting), 2009 
Georgia State University
Private and Performance Information under Different Incentive Systems

Jane Thayer (Accounting), 2008 
University of Georgia
Determinants of Shareholders' Information Search:  Credibility vs. Confirmation

Thomas Bowe Hansen (Accounting), 2007 
Virginia Tech University
The Demand and Supply of International Accounting Standards:  Empirical Evidence from Lobbying of the IASB

Rachna Prakash (Accounting), 2007
College of William and Mary
Macro Factors & Financial Statements:  Asset Writedowns in Recessions

Minyen Tan (Accounting), 2007 
Singapore Management University
The Effects of Political Constraints on Corporate Disclosure and Governance Transparency