Why We're Different

Accessible Professors

Our faculty members are not only among the best and brightest in the world they are also your accessible mentors. They've taught in some of the finest programs across the globe and earned their doctoral degrees from many of the most prestigious universities. Just as important are the companies with whom they've consulted, the research they're exploring, and the work they've published.  

Much like our students, our faculty members have come to Goizueta in part because they value our smaller, more student-focused environment. They are committed to mentoring our doctoral students and to the Goizueta philosophy of being accessible. At Goizueta, teaching means not only sharing knowledge but also energy, business insight, and an expert point of view. You'll get to know your professors personally. Students have the opportunity to perform research with faculty very early on in the program. Our commitment to developing students as leading researchers is at the heart of our hands on faculty-student mentorship. This mentorship has many intangibles that can only be described as a deep commitment to our students' development as thinkers, researchers and problem solvers.  

By the end of your time at Goizueta, your professors will be more than just teachers. For most students, they become guides. Mentors. Friends.

Collaborative Community

We believe that hands-on research collaboration between students and faculty is critically important in the education of new scholars. Collaborative research helps students learn how to transform abstract theoretical questions into workable projects that are publishable in major journals. Just as importantly, it is through collaborative research with experienced members of their field that students learn the research norms and values that will guide them through the program and later in their academic careers.

Our students will find many opportunities to get involved in collaborative research with faculty in their area. After the first year, each student will be required to work as a research or teaching assistant to a faculty member for 10 hours per week. Every effort is made to assign a student to a faculty member with similar research interests. However, we encourage collaborative research with multiple faculty over the course of doctoral training. Working with several faculty helps students develop their own scholarly identity, which is critical for becoming an independent and creative thinker. We believe a collaborative environment produces the independence of mind and exceptional research competence that mark the truly successful scholar.

Emory University

Collaboration does not stop at the walls of the Goizueta Building. We believe doctoral education must be connected to the University as a whole, and that students should be exposed to contemporary thinking in multiple disciplines, including economics, sociology, psychology, political science, and statistics. It is our philosophy to encourage doctoral students to participate fully in the intellectual currents of Emory University by studying and collaborating with scholars in other fields and disciplines.

Lush residential areas are a splendid backdrop for Atlanta's thriving business community, and Goizueta Business School is in one of the finest. Nestled in the historic Druid Hills neighborhood Goizueta and Emory University's surrounding campus boasts tree-lined, winding roads, fine homes, and quaint shops and pubs. You'll enjoy all of the conveniences expected in a college-town, including an abundance of housing communities, an endless array of restaurants, exciting theatre and entertainment options, coffee houses, bookstores, and beautiful parks. Whatever your need or desire, you'll find it on campus - or just minutes away.

Goizueta is fortunate to have the best in academia in its midst. Among the most highly selective institutions in the world, Emory University boasts seven graduate and professional schools and two undergraduate colleges.

Offering programs in arts and sciences, law, medicine, allied health, nursing, public health, theology, and of course, business, Emory enrolls 11,600 students from every state and more than 100 countries. Our classrooms, offices, libraries, and state-of-the-art teaching hospital are recognized among the finest facilities in the world.

The intellectual environment and diverse culture fostered at Emory adds richness to the Goizueta Ph.D. experience. The distinction of being part of Emory University grants you the privilege to take advantage of all this community has to offer. From libraries to gymnasiums, you'll have easy access to all of Emory's abundant resources.

Placement Advantages

The academic job market among business schools is vibrant and healthy, with more jobs than candidates to fill them. Doctoral students from top business schools with good research records and evidence of strong teaching skills can expect to be invited for several job interviews and often have more than one offer of employment upon completion of their degree.

Placement is a result of a student's accomplishments as well as faculty networks within the profession, and Goizueta faculty are well connected in their fields of specialization. Many have leadership roles in their professional associations; several have been, or currently are, editors of major journals in their field; many sit on editorial boards; and most are quite active in the intellectual mainstream of their discipline.

Students will typically enter the academic job market during the year in which they are conducting dissertation research, with the expectation that the dissertation will be completed by the time their employment at another university begins.

Area faculty play an important role in preparing students for a successful job search. They provide insight into current employment opportunities, offer guidance in developing an informative resume, help to shape and critique the research presentation that students typically must give during their visit to a prospective employer, and generally provide a background of support and goodwill that helps keep a student focused and secure during this demanding time.

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