About Us

In the Goizueta PhD program, you will get the opportunity to study and collaborate with fellow students and faculty who are motivated to make a difference -- scholars who are excited about the changes in our world and want to understand and shape the forces at work in our economy.

  • Doctoral coursework in social sciences and quantitative methods
  • Seminars on specific research topics
  • Summer research experiences
  • Teaching development program
  • Dissertation supervised by a faculty committee

The Academic Year

Consisting of three semesters - fall, spring, and summer, doctoral courses are offered primarily in the fall and spring, but students can take summer courses according to personal interests and needs. Students take eight courses per year and are also expected to participate in research projects, colloquia, and other scholarly activities in their respective area.

Our students are in residence for the entire academic year and are expected to participate in Orientation during the summer prior to their first set of core courses to refresh quantitative skills.

Faculty and Student Research Collaboration

We believe that hands-on research collaboration between students and faculty is critically important in the education of new scholars. Collaborative research helps students learn how to transform abstract theoretical questions into workable projects that are publishable in major journals. Just as importantly, it is through collaborative research with experienced members of their field that students learn the research norms and values that will guide them through the program and later in their academic careers.

Our faculty is committed to mentoring our doctoral students. With the small number of students we admit each year, we are able to do so. Students learn and grow with the help of accessible mentors, guides and friends.

Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity Program (TATTO)

Successful business school academics must excel not only in research but also in the classroom. We take teaching seriously at Emory, and building a student's skills in classroom instruction is an integral part of the doctoral program.

TATTO is a multilevel educational and action learning sequence that prepares doctoral students for the rigors of teaching in a college or university environment.

  • Graduate School of Arts & Sciences course
  • Course offered by Goizueta faculty to acquaint you with business school pedagogical techniques
  • Teaching Assistantship, a controlled and carefully monitored teaching opportunity
  • Teaching Associateship, a greater teaching responsibility in close partnership with a faculty member