One-Year MBA Career Paths

Career Paths

A Partner From the Start.

The Career Management Center partners with you individually to develop personalized outcomes, help refine career objectives, and then prepare you for coveted positions. You also get a chance to investigate specific fields of interest at a variety of career panels and networking events. These connections across industries, fields, and functions create multiple opportunities for you to identify your ideal career fit.

Strategy Consulting

Image for Strategy Consulting Management Consulting (also called Strategy Consulting) involves the practice of helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. Management Consultants provide advice and strategy through a deep understanding of industry best practices. They offer assistance to organizations on change management, strategy development and operational improvements and other business issues.

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Management Rotation Programs

Image for Management Rotation Programs

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Corporate Finance

Image for Corporate Finance Corporate finance focuses on financial decisions made by a company to improve and maximize shareholder value while at the same time minimize risk. Managing a business’s money, analyzing financial performance, assessing investment activities, improving revenue and cutting costs all fall under this umbrella.

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Marketing Analytics

Image for Marketing Analytics Marketing affects every consumer purchasing decision, and a marketing background provides skills necessary to spend dollars and target audiences wisely. Goizueta's marketing faculty places a strong emphasis on marketing strategy with faculty research revolving around making rigorous conceptual and theoretical advances and empirically testing theories in the strategy area. All Goizueta marketing courses contain experiential learning exercises, including several "lab" courses that revolve around strategic marketing projects with outside firms. Goizueta is a leader among business schools in this real-world learning style. Several of our faculty members have received "best paper" awards for research published in the Journal of Marketing, the oldest and most cited scholarly journal, focusing on topics such as market structure, marketing strategy, and evolution of customer preference.

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Exploring Career Paths

Because many MBA students are uncertain of all the career possibilities that the MBA provides, Goizueta gives you the opportunity to explore multiple career paths to find the right one for you.

Self-Assessment Tool

Learn more about your own personality, motivations, values and skills through our self assessment tool, CareerLeader® - an essential, online tool for exploring your career path.

Personalized Coaching

Work with your personal CMC coach to develop your career plan and receive one-on-one career advice.

Peer Career Coaches (PCC)

Receive advice from your peers on résumés, cover letters and career direction through one-on-one interactions with your peer coaches (second-year MBA students).

Industry Panels and Networking Events

Investigate specific fields of interest at the variety of panels and networking events hosted by the CMC, in conjunction with student clubs, alumni and corporate partners.

CMC Week

Connect with companies in Atlanta, Houston, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco during CMC Week, where Goizueta's student-run clubs host site visits to companies in specialized industries, such as consulting, investment banking, corporate marketing, business technology, industry finance, healthcare, real estate and brand management.