Photo of Noelia Bare
    Noelia Bare, 15MBA
    Internship: Marketing Strategy Intern, YUM! Brands - Pizza Hut
                    Photo of Heather Eisenman
    Heather Eisenman, 15MBA
    Internship: Summer Associate, McKinsey & Company
                    Photo of Jing "Joy" Hu
    Jing "Joy" Hu, 14MBA
    Senior Consultant, EY
    "I hadn't been to the U.S. before business school, so the location is important for me as well. Atlanta is a big business city as well as a transportation hub. When I first arrived, I got picked up from airport by our program officer. The international service office provided us with up-to-date information of policies, and helped in all kinds of papers."
                    Photo of Naomi Johnson
    Naomi Johnson, 15MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: High School Math Teacher, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
    "Education has been my primary lens for viewing human capital and organizational challenges, but I didn't want it to be my only lens. I was looking to tap into the business side of human capital and 'zoom-out' to explore the various ways I can be a leader who influences, optimizes, and champions a human capital agenda. I knew that it would be essential to understand the market, language of business, and business fundamentals. I chose Goizueta's Two-Year MBA Program because I wanted a learning environment where I will be challenged and nurtured at the same time. I wanted to be pushed to my limits, but by people who know me and care about me. I wanted to be empowered to capitalize on my unique background and perspective."
                    Photo of Rachel Lattimore
    Rachel Lattimore, 14MBA
    Human Capital Senior Consultant, Deloitte

    Concentration/Industry:  Consulting/Strategy

    Hometown:  Lithonia, GA

    Words of Wisdom:  Be yourself! You are more than the words on your resume. You have an amazing story and a unique perspective to add, so share it genuinely and passionately. 

    Why I chose Goizueta: The easy answer is it just "fit." At a certain point, you have to set aside the rankings, the pros/cons lists, the money on the table, etc. figure out what feels right. Goizueta felt like home and I chose to stay. 

    "It's important for candidates to understand the unique opportunity which Goizueta presents: an amazing academic institution, in a major city, with an incredible network and support system. Women at Goizueta are engaged, active, and leading members of the Goizueta community. As a woman at Goizueta you are treated as an equal and valued member of the school and business community."

                    Photo of Antoinette Rodriguez
    Antoinette Rodriguez, 14MBA
    Associate Marketing Manager, General Mills
    "After spending five years in education reform, I was convinced that the same skills needed to solve the inequalities in our public school system were the same skills being used to lead Fortune 500 companies. I knew an MBA would equip me to better impact my community. Goizueta Business School was a natural fit given its focus on principled leadership and the core values. I knew I could learn finance and marketing anywhere, but I wanted to be at a place that helped me develop holistically."
                    Photo of Marcus Siwemuke
    Marcus Siwemuke, 14MBA
    Consultant, ScottMadden
    To Marcus Siwemuke, Goizueta means community and belonging: among the student body, the faculty, and even the city. Getting involved is integral to his character, a character that meshed fully with Goizueta's culture of involvement. In his first year, Marcus sought involvement as a BBA course teacher's assistant, which included conducting mock interviews for his fellow students. He took that engagement even further and became class president for the Graduate Business Association. As such, he helps manage the student experience of social events, student-led career prep, and more. The community is reflected through classmates, who don't hesitate to "encourage me to step up" even if that means sacrificing their own opportunity for exposure. Such selflessness is decidedly rare in business, but common here. And Marcus recognizes how access to faculty and local business leaders contribute to an education – and school culture – like no other.
                    Photo of Kirk Smith
    Kirk Smith, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Management Consultant , Booz Allen Hamilton

    Concentration/Industry: Marketing/Consulting/ISOM

    Hometown: Arlington, VA

    Words of Wisdom: Do your research and apply to schools for reasons other than their rankings; visit every school you intend to apply to, or if you can't, participate in as many webinars as possible; develop self awareness of what your strengths and weaknesses are before you arrive on campus; move to your respective city with plenty of time to settle in to your new environment; and above all else, realize that this is an opportunity to change who you are, what you're doing, and how your future unfolds- make the most of it!

    Why I chose Goizueta: The clear articulation of a value proposition that appealed to me: Learning intimately from a world class faculty located in a dynamic city full of career opportunities

                    Photo of Otis Stroud
    Otis Stroud, 14MBA
    Associate Brand Manager - Smartfood, PepsiCo - Frito Lay
    Otis Stroud 14MBA decided to pursue getting his MBA after considering the fullness of his goals and career aspirations. "I knew an MBA was essential for my personal and professional growth," says Otis. He desired to have a larger impact. "Attending a Two-Year Program would allow me to take my career to the next level and gain critical global and domestic exposure that I can apply to any company or industry." Interested most in marketing and strategy, Otis found that Goizueta would best prepare him for a successful future and help him identify a promising career path. "This experience is hands down the greatest thing that I''ve done for my career or personal life. The experiences, the knowledge, the potential, and the overall future that will result from my time at Goizueta are all things that I would not have achieved on my own," says Otis.