Photo of Simone Braithwaite
    Simone Braithwaite, 17MBA
    Goizueta Leadership: Co-Chair, Inside Goizueta
                    Photo of Matt Bruer
    Matt Bruer, 17MBA
                    Photo of Julius Bryant
    Julius Bryant, 17MBA
                    Photo of Clay Demarcus
    Clay Demarcus, 17MBA
    Goizueta Leadership: VP, Goizueta Ambassadors
                    Photo of Alyssa Grabfield
    Alyssa Grabfield, 17MBA
                    Photo of Ruyi Jiang
    Ruyi Jiang, 17MBA
    Goizueta Leadership: International Representative, Goizueta Business Association
                    Photo of Diana Koucheravy
    Diana Koucheravy, 17MBA
                    Photo of Heidi Laki
    Heidi Laki, 16MBA
    Internship: Summer Associate, McKinsey & Company

    Hometown: Houston, TX

    Words of Widsom: The days are long but the years are short, so approach life with intention. Feel out your options for schools and decide what is culturally right for you because your future cohorts are your future network.

    Why I chose Goizueta: I met the administration, the faculty and the students and the school "felt right" for me. I was able to easily imagine myself engaging with the Goizueta community.

                    Photo of Anna Navratil
    Anna Navratil, 17MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Strategic Marketing Director, United Way of Greater New Haven