Photo of Madeleine Houser
    Madeleine Houser, 14MBA
    Investment Banking Associate, SunTrust

    Like many other students, Madeleine Houser 14MBA came to Goizueta because her post-college job was good, but not great. She was ready to start a career rather than just find another job. One-on-one sessions with professors were integral to helping her navigate the path toward becoming an investment banker.

    "Selecting an intimate learning environment was critical to my bridging the gap of who I wanted to become. I was nervous to jump into the banking industry -- especially as a woman -- but classes and coaching sessions helped me gain the skills and confidence necessary to land an internship in New York City."

                    Photo of Briana Soria
    Briana Soria, 15MBA
    Internship: MBA Marketing Intern, Frito-Lay

    Her passion for analysis and knack for negotiation led Briana Soria 15MBA to Goizueta's marketing concentration. Although she didn't know what to expect from her Management Practice elective, she knew of the professors' research in the social media space and decided to take a chance.

    "Businesses are moving away from 'what feels right' or what worked in the past to truly data-driven decisions. Being able to effectively communicate recommendations based on complex analysis is a skill Goizueta has helped me develop. Now I'm even more confident presenting solutions -- and I know that is the key to success in my career."

                    Photo of Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas, 15MBA
    Executive Director , VaxTrac

    Driven by the notion that it is possible, and profitable, to synthesize traditional business and the ability to generate social impact, Mark Thomas 15MBA challenged Goizueta with a tall order. This approach to a dual degree is not often feasible, as it requires a wide range of business and social enterprise courses.

    "It is important to shepherd socially-focused enterprises towards financial sustainability, which requires a firm grasp of the business acumen acquired through an MBA. Goizueta's two-year MBA program offers a disproportionately large breadth of offerings and depth of talent, of both students and professors, given its intimate size.

    More than anything, I appreciated the amount of respect afforded me by the faculty [of Goizueta]. They made a genuine effort to build a relationship and learn about my career interests to better tailor the educational experience."

                    Photo of Bin Cai
    Bin Cai, 14MBA
    Internship: Strategy and Data Analysis Intern, Mölnlycke Health Care
    Bin Cai 14MBA looked for an MBA program that would provide him with opportunity to enhance his strategic thinking, marketing analytics and leadership skills. He found these things in Goizueta’s proven curriculum and the support he needed to grow as a business leader. Bin discovered early the benefits of tapping into the Goizueta network. He recalls meeting with his mentor, a Goizueta alum, for the first time. "I came to see him with a list of questions prepared beforehand. We had a great discussion. He helped me discover professional development needs and shared his personal experiences before and after earning his MBA from Goizueta. Through such interactions provided by the Goizueta network, I gained a better understanding of how to engage and collaborate with business leaders."
                    Photo of Allison Dahlgren
    Allison Dahlgren, 14MBA
    Internship: Brand Management Intern, Georgia-Pacific LLC

    Allison Dahlgren 14MBA wanted to develop core business knowledge and a well-rounded understanding of operations, finance and marketing in order to become an effective brand manager. For these reasons and to improve her leadership and management skills, she decided to choose Goizueta.

    Small class sizes and the ability to get in front of top companies were important to her, and she knew Goizueta could meet those needs and more.

    "Goizueta is a close-knit community that offers a personalized MBA experience with big-city connections," says Allison.

                    Photo of Scott Johnstone
    Scott Johnstone, 14MBA
    Internship: Consumer MBA Summer Associate, Johnson & Johnson

    Hometown:  Marietta, GA

    Current City:  Philadelphia, PA

    Prior to returning to school, Scott Johnstone 14MBA, had a lot of experience implementing other people's strategies. However, he wanted to be the one planning and developing those strategies.

    "I believed an MBA was the best way to gain the required skills and experience to make that career leap. It sounds cliché, but I chose Goizueta because of the culture. At Goizueta, you are more than a number and have amazing personal access to the staff, faculty and alumni. The collaborative nature of the program is evident as the students help each other with their studies and their preparation for interviews."

                    Photo of David Katzman
    David Katzman, 13MBA
    Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group
    David Katzman 13MBA enjoyed a thriving, five-year career as a transfer pricing consultant in Washington, DC, before pursuing an MBA. In this capacity, he supported multinational firms in the planning of international tax strategies and advised the IRS on transfer pricing audits. He says he decided to attend business school in order to enhance his business acumen and to gain skills that would help position him for new professional achievements. He chose Goizueta because of its unique blend of intellectual rigor and real-world experience within a supportive environment. Katzman notes that Goizueta is a school where every student is noticed, every student is challenged, and every student is provided with the academic depth and practical skills that fuel success.
                    Photo of Shubha Rao
    Shubha Rao, 13MBA
    Consultant, Bain & Company
                    Photo of Latasha Woods
    Latasha Woods, 14MBA
    Internship: Assistant Brand Manager Intern, Tide, Procter & Gamble