The Goizueta Summer Experience

Our One-Year MBA Program begins each May with an accelerated semester known as the "Summer Experience." After a week-long Academic Foundations boot camp comprised of Accounting, Economics, Statistics and Excel review, One-Year students begin Orientation. In this second week, students engage in team-building, leadership exercises and outdoor challenge activities at an off-campus location. These two weeks frame the rigorous and intimate academic experience that will follow and establish the beginnings of the life-long relationships that will form in and out of the classroom.

Accelerated and Intense Academics

The Summer Experience is divided into two blocks of course work that cover the following academic disciplines: Data & Decision Analytics, Process & Systems Management, Economics, Leading Organizations and Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Financial Accounting, Leadership and Management Practice (MP). Management Practice (MP) integrates the concepts and tools of the other coursework and allows students to apply these learnings directly to the workplace on a project for an actual client. At the conclusion of the Summer Experience, students put their teamwork, problem solving abilities and persuasive communication skills to the test with presentations of their MP projects to the real client. The combination of Goizueta's experiential and foundational courses prepares One-Years to join our Two-Years for elective course work in August. In addition to intense academic preparation, One-Year student are engaged in intense preparation for their career search.