Photo of Drew Barker
    Drew Barker, 15MBA
    "Two of the greatest benefits of the summer experience were the opportunity to quickly expand my network and smoothly transition from a business environment to an academic one. Being the only students in the building and on campus allows you to fully immerse in the One-Year class and quickly develop friendships that will last a lifetime. In only a few short weeks, your personal network expands the equivalent of years of networking. I personally appreciated the quick pace of the summer semester as well because it allowed me to smoothly transition from the fast pace of the business world. I prepared myself to dedicate all of my time to school but because of the requirements of my previous job, I was pleasantly surprised by my ability to effectively manage my time and assignments."
                    Photo of Diana Bernal
    Diana Bernal, 15MBA
    "I benefit most from an environment that creates a stimulating and world-class business education. My classmates, professors, and mentors value my contributions, both inside and outside of the classroom, as a business professional. I am continually challenged to express my ideas and opinions. I have the confidence to continue expressing my beliefs and sharing my experiences, especially with other women who go through the program. The women at Goizueta have a strong support system and I encourage all to be part of that community."
                    Photo of Nicole Bullock
    Nicole Bullock, 15MBA
    Goizueta Leadership: One-Year Advisory Council
    "The culture at Goizueta is definitely central to who we are, and I have found the community to be extremely supportive. This goes beyond the students and faculty currently on campus. The culture extends to our alumni who are also so eager and willing to help us in any way. I have had several alumni assist me in my career search, and they have provided me with many helpful pieces of advice. With the help of several alumni and current students, I have been able to make many connections through my career search that have propelled my career search forward, resulting in a job offer."
                    Photo of Jennyfer Goune
    Jennyfer Goune, 15MBA
    Goizueta Leadership: EmoryMAC Fellow
    "One aspect that has been instrumental in helping work toward my career goals has been the Career Management Center. They make it a point to provide as many networking opportunities as possible (as early as July!) to meet with companies and learn about job opportunities nationwide. In the fall semester, the number of companies recruiting on campus and job positions posted in the job board are phenomenal. Moreover, non-traditional candidates are able to work with their coaches to gain advice for recruiting during the spring semester. I have also had a lot of support from the Goizueta alumni and have learned about new career opportunities that I had never heard of prior to joining Goizueta."
                    Photo of Philip Ikoku
    Philip Ikoku, 15MBA
    Goizueta Leadership: Goizueta Leadership Coaching Fellow
    "I chose to come to Goizueta for the One-Year MBA Program to better position myself to lead an organization through change. The healthcare industry is going through an evolutionary period. I know, that with the skills learned here at Goizueta, I will be able to adapt to and eventually help shape the future of healthcare."
                    Photo of Megan Langley
    Megan Langley, 15MBA
                    Photo of Michael Larem
    Michael Larem, 15MBA
    Goizueta Leadership: Goizueta Ambassador

    "Through the focus on dealing with ambiguity, Goizueta has shown me a wide range of different approaches and new ways to think about the problems i deal with in my work as a consultant. This is particularly thanks to the encouragement in each of our classes to think about problems in new ways. The prime example is in the class "Appcology" where we truly learn about the forefront of technological development and future trends and are challenged to think in the same way and come up with our own ideas."

    Concentration/Industry: Consulting/Strategy

    Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany

    Words of Wisdom: Take the time to consider what you want to get out of the MBA and make your decision (which school to go to) accordingly. An MBA at Emory is much more than the name of a good school and a 3-letter degree. But you have to know what it is that you want out of it.

    Why I chose Goizueta: I chose Emory because a friend had told me about the great community and environment at GBS. On top, I was looking specifically at a 1-year program and the small size and collaborative approach of the program sold me.

                    Photo of Karen Lorelli
    Karen Lorelli, 15MBA
    "One of the key factors in selecting Goizueta Business School was the curriculum. What appealed to me is that Goizueta teaches you how to place structure around ambiguity. You learn to approach business problems with the tools you need to make strategic decisions."
                    Photo of Matt McDonald
    Matt McDonald, 14FTMBA
    Consultant, Finance and Enterprise Performance at Accenture
    When Matt McDonald left a job as Fortune 500 senior financial analyst to attend business school, he wanted an MBA that would take him in a new direction. Coming to Goizueta, Matt found that the school’s effective combination of degree customization, real-world experience, career guidance, and networking was just what he needed. His classes helped him develop a broader international perspective and deepen his knowledge of finance, while at the same time helping to round out his skill set and move his career into a new direction. Now ready to tackle new challenges as a management consultant in Accenture’s Finance and Enterprise Performance practice, Matt is posed to shift gears—and take his career into overdrive.
                    Photo of David Israel Mendez
    David Israel Mendez, 15MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Operations Team Leader, General Mills

    For David, he knew his goal of one day being a VP of Supply Chain at a global firm meant taking his education to the next level. As for when, it was the sooner, the better. Says David, "I chose the one year program because I wanted to leverage my past supply chain experience. When you have a world-class business school three miles from your home, why look anywhere else? Goizueta's values-based approach was ideal and it provided me everything I could ask from a business school."

    When asked single aspect of Goizueta appealed the most, he replied, "The school's support and commitment to veterans, and most importantly, leadership. Come to campus and meet our close-knit community. You will immediately feel appreciated and know that you will have a support network composed of students and members of the administration."

                    Photo of Rachel Petersen
    Rachel Petersen, 15MBA
    "Pursuing an MBA is a lifelong investment. I knew an MBA would teach me valuable skills that will help me become a stronger leader through my career in addition to giving me exposure to different areas of business all while building a new network. The One-Year MBA was especially appealing because I had an undergraduate degree in business and relevant work experience that did not make an internship necessary. Goizueta was my number one choice because they are a top school that offered a One-Year MBA Program that included all the benefits of a two-year program such as the ability to build a network, take leadership positions in organizations, and get global experience through international trips. I knew that by pursuing my MBA at Goizueta I would not have to sacrifice any part of the experience."
                    Photo of Tim Skeen
    Tim Skeen, 15MBA
    Goizueta Leadership: One-Year Program Class President
    "The plethora of Fortune 500 companies in the Atlanta area provides unique opportunities for active hands-on learning within the curriculum. Just over the summer months, our One-Year class was able to visit five major businesses in the Atlanta area to learn about their core operations as well as the emerging challenges they face in the current environment. These businesses included Coke, Kids II, UPS, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and Delta Air Lines. These field visits were strategically woven into our core curriculum so that we could take our class learnings and see it come to life in a real dynamic business setting."