Photo of Ryan Douglas
    Ryan Douglas, 13MBA
    Senior Consultant, First Annapolis Consulting

    Dedicated to doing business the right way, Ryan Douglas 13MBA came to Goizueta because of pride taken in developing people who adhere to a higher standard. He discovered that, because the seven core values woven into the curriculum, he was able to anticipate the best solution for any situation. Ultimately, the community changed his view of business and his role therein.

    "Being challenged to live by the values of Courage, Integrity, Accountability, Rigor, Diversity, Team, and Community has helped me realize there's another level to being a business leader. Goizueta excels at usual must-haves in a top 25 school -- but it also instills essential values in its students and I'm proud to align myself with a network of that caliber."

                    Photo of Rhonda Fischer
    Rhonda Fischer, 13MBA
    Chief Operating Officer, East Lake Foundation

    While working as a consultant for six years, Rhonda Fischer 13MBA, never lost sight of her passion for public service. On a leap of faith, she rebooted her career as a grants coordinator for a healthcare foundation. Her work in the nonprofit sector showed her how valuable an MBA degree could be. She chose Goizueta for its success in helping students learn to manage ambiguity -- the one constant in an ever-changing world of nonprofit leadership.

    "Goizueta focuses on teaching students how to analyze the most complex problems and develop creative solutions. I gained the knowledge and confidence to tackle any problem, regardless of the industry. This ability to effectively navigate the business world for the remainder of career was a great return on my investment."

                    Photo of Conrad Holub
    Conrad Holub, 14MBA
    Investment Banking Associate, SunTrust

    Problem-solving seemed straightforward to Conrad Holub 14MBA in his career as a financial analyst. However, he knew that the business challenges would only become murkier as he transitioned into management. Gaining the skills needed to take charge in the ambiguous world of investment baking, he used the One-Year Program to accelerate his career and set himself up for success as a leader.

    "As a manager and leader, it's up to you to find a strategic direction when the solution isn't obvious. My Management Practice module gave me experience in creating a worldwide mobile strategy -- that's hands-on learning you can't get anywhere else. Goizueta gave me the toolkit I need to work my way up the corporate ladder and the confidence to lead my colleagues."

                    Photo of Matt McDonald
    Matt McDonald, 14FTMBA
    Consultant, Finance and Enterprise Performance at Accenture
    When Matt McDonald left a job as Fortune 500 senior financial analyst to attend business school, he wanted an MBA that would take him in a new direction. Coming to Goizueta, Matt found that the school’s effective combination of degree customization, real-world experience, career guidance, and networking was just what he needed. His classes helped him develop a broader international perspective and deepen his knowledge of finance, while at the same time helping to round out his skill set and move his career into a new direction. Now ready to tackle new challenges as a management consultant in Accenture’s Finance and Enterprise Performance practice, Matt is posed to shift gears—and take his career into overdrive.
                    Photo of Philip Ruppel
    Philip Ruppel, 13MBA
    Senior Associate, Advantage Capital Partners

    Philip Ruppel 13MBA didn't know what to expect from the professors at Goizueta. At some schools, faculty are distinguished but distant figures at the front of the classroom. Philip found professors at Goizueta who were great mentors, giving career advice and allowing him to trade ideas with them. The role of business school faculty, as he sees it, is to make classroom learning relevant to real work. MBA students are trying to improve their professional prospects and the best professors can concretely show students how to create value for themselves and potential employers. They provided the feedback he needed to take his lessons learned into the workplace and make a significant impact.

                    Photo of Pinar Samur
    Pinar Samur, 14MBA
    Digital Marketing- Customer Marketing Manager, Microsoft

    Pinar Samur 14MBA decided to pursue her MBA not only to broaden her skills and knowledge in general management, but also to specialize in new developments in the marketing. "I decided to enroll at Goizueta for couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is a Top 20 MBA program with a close community feeling and advantages. Second, the rigorous One-Year MBA program that enabled me to get the MBA skills and experience in one year and get back to the business world quickly."

    When it came time to do her homework and research MBA Programs, Pinar was able to reach out to alumni and current students, who willingly shared their experiences and encouraged her to apply. "I was attracted to the endless opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience in one year time period," says Pinar. She lists Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consulting (GMSC) projects, Management Practice projects and Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy (GALA) as key influencers on her decision to choose Goizueta.

                    Photo of Niti Sheth
    Niti Sheth, 13MBA
    Senior Associate, Health Industry Advisory at PwC

    Niti Sheth 13MBA came to Goizueta from a health care consulting firm. She wanted an MBA to hone her leadership and communications skills and to solidify her understanding of the financial aspects of health care. She knew that at Goizueta she could customize her degree with a health care concentration. Emory University, renowned globally as a leader in health care, offered Niti the best of both worlds: key business thought leaders along with the best health care educators. During her time in the program, she was able work closely with the Georgia Medicare Foundation. The experience allowed her to learn the government and insurance sides of health care and the challenges faced by the industry. Niti's time at Goizueta opened the door to new and different ways of thinking about career options, and ultimately provided her with the skills needed to be successful in the business of health care.

                    Photo of Donato Wilkins
    Donato Wilkins, 14MBA
    Senior Associate, M&A Advisory at PwC

    Donato Wilkins 14MBA has a goal of becoming a business leader that drives strategic decisions. He wanted to refine his critical thinking and analytical skills to better his ability to evaluate business problems and find the best solutions. "I knew an MBA education would give me the opportunity to sharpen my overall business acumen," says Donato.

    Donato chose to enroll in Goizueta's One-Year MBA Program because he already possessed a strong business background. Having graduated from Goizueta as a BBA, he wanted to re-engage with the Goizueta community at a graduate level.