Photo of Chris Fellows
    Chris Fellows, 13FTMBA
    Associate, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
    Chris Fellows 13MBA knew that Goizueta could provide him with the added knowledge, skill, and network he needed while offering a full experience all within a year. "The One-Year format at Goizueta has allowed me to gain a broader analytical perspective without sacrificing the career momentum I had prior to business school," says Chris. Among his most influential elective classes, he lists Negotiations, Corporate Governance and Firm Value, and Competitive Advantage. During his time in the program, Chris also participated with the Center for Alternative Investments.
                    Photo of Brian Francfort
    Brian Francfort, 13FTMBA
    Licensing Specialist, US EPG at Microsoft
                    Photo of Jonathan Gibson
    Jonathan Gibson, 10FTMBA
    Associate Director of Strategy at Ogilvy
    Jonathan Gibson 10MBA knew early on that he wanted a career in marketing and advertising, with a focus on strategy. As an undergrad, he majored in business, then moved to New York to work in the marketing field for four years before heading to Atlanta to pursue a One-Year MBA at Goizueta. Given his solid grounding in business fundamentals, clear academic goals, and desire to return quickly to the workforce, Gibson found Goizueta’s one-year program ideal. The program helped him build on his professional successes by expanding both “soft” and analytical skills. In just 12 months, Gibson was able to travel to Turkey with fellow students on a mid-semester study module, gain leadership experience as an event organizer for Goizueta’s Pride Alliance, and take advantage of Goizueta’s career management resources. Gibson’s time at Goizueta advanced his career by years, giving him the essential knowledge and skills to meet the demands of his new strategy position at a world-leading advertising agency with enthusiasm and confidence.
                    Photo of Clair Krigline
    Clair Krigline, 14FTMBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Senior Associate Consultant, Triage Consulting Group

    Clair Krigline 14MBA, knew early in life that she would need to earn an MBA. “It’s something I've wanted to do my entire life. I knew getting an MBA was necessary to achieve my career goals,” says Clair.

    She names Emory University and Goizueta Business School’s reputation among employers and vast network as two reasons she chose to study at Goizueta. Desiring to stay within the consulting industry after graduation, she knew the One-Year MBA Program would be the perfect fit.

                    Photo of Pinar Samur
    Pinar Samur, 14FTMBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Senior Business Planning Manager, North America Commercial Leadership, Coca-Cola Refreshments

    Pinar Samur 14MBA decided to pursue her MBA not only to broaden her skills and knowledge in general management, but also to specialize in new developments in the marketing. "I decided to enroll at Goizueta for couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is a Top 20 MBA program with a close community feeling and advantages. Second, the rigorous One Year MBA program that enabled me to get the MBA skills and experience in one year and get back to the business world quickly."

    When it came time to do her homework and research MBA Programs, Pinar was able to reach out to alumni and current students, who willingly shared their experiences and encouraged her to apply. "I was attracted to the endless opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience in one year time period," says Pinar. She lists Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consulting (GMSC) projects, Management Practice projects and Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy (GALA) as key influencers on her decision to choose Goizueta.

                    Photo of Donato Wilkins
    Donato Wilkins, 14FTMBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A, Newell Rubbermaid

    Donato Wilkins 14MBA has a goal of becoming a business leader that drives strategic decisions. He wanted to refine his critical thinking and analytical skills to better his ability to evaluate business problems and find the best solutions. “I knew an MBA education would give me the opportunity to sharpen my overall business acumen,” says Donato.

    Donato chose to enroll in Goizueta's One-Year MBA Program because he already possessed a strong business background. Having graduated from Goizueta as a BBA, he wanted to re-engage with the Goizueta community at a graduate level.