One-Year FAQs

Who is an ideal candidate for the One-Year Program?

The ideal candidate for the One-Year Program has an undergraduate degree in business economics, or engineering. Additionally, the ideal candidate has focused post-MBA goals, substantive work experience, and an intended career path that does not require an internship.

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Can you still have a full "MBA experience" in the One-Year Program?

Absolutely! One-Year students are included in every aspect of the Goizueta community from student organizations to leadership opportunities. They are taught by the same faculty and have equal access to electives and co-curricular options. There are two significant program differences due to the accelerated schedule: you cannot study abroad for a semester and you cannot complete a summer internship during the course of the program.

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What does the career search process look like for One-Year MBA Program students?

The MBA Career Management Center will begin to work with you over the summer to prepare you for the full time job search. During the summer you will take a Professional Development Class where you will work on your resume, practice your interview skills, develop your job search plan and begin networking. One-Year Program students begin the On Campus recruiting process in September, a short three months after the start of the program-- a critical reason it helps to bring focused career goals to Goizueta.

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How do employers feel about the One-Year Program?

MBA recruiters understand the structure and rigor of our One-Year MBA Program and historically One-Year MBA candidates obtain job offers at a pace and salary level consistent with our Two-Year students.

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What types of post-MBA jobs do not require a summer internship?

Based upon past experience, our One-Year students are successful in obtaining positions in fields such as consulting, corporate finance, health care, real estate, rotational leadership programs and select marketing roles. Securing a post-MBA position through the One-Year Program is directly related to the professional experience the student brings to the program, their transferable knowledge and skills, and the opportunities seized within the program.

The One-Year MBA Program also is a natural fit for candidates planning to work in a family business, pursue an entrepreneurial venture or pair studies with graduate degrees in law, medicine and physical therapy.

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As a One-Year MBA student, is it difficult to transition from the summer session to the fall semester?

After spending an intense summer with 60 classmates, it might seem overwhelming to join the 2nd year students in the fall; however, Goizueta 2nd year students look forward to the incoming One-Year students joining their class and a deliberate effort is made to integrate the two classes. In addition to classroom activities, there are several social and networking opportunities to meet your classmates from the Two-Year Program. The transition from core classes to elective coursework is a seamless adjustment for most students.

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If I am unsure if I am a fit for the One-Year MBA Program, can I apply to both the One-Year and Two-Year MBA programs?

It is common for candidates to apply to multiple programs at Goizueta. Candidates may submit one application, indicating their program preference(s). The Admissions Committee will evaluate you for all the programs to which you apply and you will receive a decision to each of these programs. If you are accepted to more than one program, you may speak with an Admissions or Career Management representative to determine which program may be the better fit to achieve your professional objectives.

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What will my course schedule look like?

International students will arrive in April 2016. Pre-program English workshops are scheduled for late April and a welcome session will be held on Thursday, April 28, 2016.

The Onboarding Program is mandatory for all entering One-Year MBA students and begins on May 2, 2016. (Tentative Date)

The summer semester is divided into two blocks. Students complete their core courses by mid-August and take electives in the fall and spring semesters.

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