Clubs and Activities

Academic & Professional Groups

  • Goizueta Consulting Association (GCA)
  • Entrepreneurship Club (EVCC)
  • Goizueta Finance Club
  • Goizueta General Management & Operations Club
  • Goizueta Healthcare Association
  • Human Capital Club
  • Goizueta Investment Management
  • Goizueta Impact Investing Club
  • JD/MBA Society
  • Goizueta Marketing Association
  • Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consultancy
  • Goizueta Association for Media, Entertainment, and Sports (GAMES)
  • Goizueta Real Estate Group (GREG)
  • Goizueta Technology Association (GTA)
  • Energy Markets Club
  • Corporate Liaison Teams (CLTs)

Goizueta Student Council

  • Graduate Business Association Executive Council
  • One-Year Council
  • First-Year Section Representatives
  • Core Values Council
  • Honor Council
  • Goizueta Ambassadors

Cultural Groups

  • Black MBA Association (BMBAA)
  • Goizueta Christian Fellowship
  • Hispanic Business Association
  • International Business Association
  • Goizueta Jewish Life
  • Goizueta Pride Alliance
  • Graduate Women in Business (GWIB)
  • South Asian Student Association

General Interest Groups

  • Voice of Goizueta
  • Goizueta Gives
  • Goizueta Nonprofit Consultants
  • GBS Jesters
  • Goizueta Partners
  • Net Impact
  • Goizueta Sports Club
  • Veterans Club
  • Goizueta Supper Club
  • Goizueta Golf Club
  • Goizueta Film Club


Your MBA experience extends beyond the classroom into co-curricular involvement. Your faculty and peers will continually create opportunities for you to develop your skills and expand your experiences.

Case Competitions

Case competitions give students the chance to practice business leadership through solving problems in a team-based environment. These competitions reflect the competitive nature of the business world, and allow students to bring all of their learning to the competition. Students with strong academic records and superior communication skills are sought after for our teams, which have met with great success in recent years.

Alumni Mentor Program

The Goizueta Mentor Program matches students with alumni mentors based on their areas of professional interest. Together the student and mentor can take part in year-round activities, such as mentor roundtables, Goizueta leadership speaker events, on-the-job shadowing, class visits, and casual outings.

Student Leadership in Action

Goizueta has an active student government and an expansive selection of clubs. Whether you want to be involved in a club to enhance your career, extend your global connections or are looking to connect with students with similar interests or background you are sure to find a club at Goizueta.