Leader Development

Become the Leader You're Meant to Be

Graduates of Goizueta are primed for success. But success isn't our only goal. While Goizueta graduates are successful, principled leaders, they're leaders of significance. They contribute. They improve. They make a difference, transforming the business world -- and society -- for the better.

A Matter of Character, Not Just Coursework

At the core of leadership is character. It's more than lessons learned from a textbook or trending table topics in professional organizations. At Goizueta, we aim to develop principled leaders from the beginning of your MBA experience and continue through graduation.

From the fall semester of your first year, you'll delve into the core values that drive principled, effective leaders -- the timeless values of courage, integrity, accountability, rigor, diversity, teaming, and community. Upon that foundation, you'll be immersed in a series of experiential Leader Development sessions in spring. You'll explore the leadership facets of self-awareness, resilience, high-performing teams, influence, and giving and receiving feedback. A second-year MBA student mentor will pair with you to help guide your development.

Take action in your second year, starting with Lead Week. This weeklong class explores leadership through deepening your self-awareness and a focus on planning for personal development. Further study includes advanced topics, such as leading and facilitating teams, coaching, mentoring, and ethics.

Leadership Coaching Fellows Program: Learning While You Lead

The Goizueta Leadership Coaching Fellows Program puts places emphasis on personal leadership awareness and skills development. Selected from among high-potential MBA students, Fellows coach first-year MBA peers. As they do so, they're polishing their own interpersonal skills as they help their first-year MBA counterparts develop theirs.

The Leadership Coaching Fellows Program begins in the fall. This mentor relationship begins -- in both small-team settings and one-on-one meetings -- as part of required team-based Management Practice and core courses. The lessons learned culminate in spring as Management Practice team-based courses facilitate your applying principles to real-world projects from real-world clients.

Fellows are supported through clinics with executive coaches who further develop their skills and competencies. It's through this fundamental understanding of coaching concepts, strategies, and tools that Fellows effectively nurture their protégés, creating a template for developing others in their professional growth.

Become a Leadership Coaching Fellow, and you will:

  • Build self awareness
  • Learn to coach peers, providing feedback in a team and one-on-one setting
  • Receive personalized coaching from an executive coach
  • Learn from leader' experiences
  • Engage with distinguished leaders

Goizueta Leadership Coaching Fellows: Greater Potential, Greater Responsibility

Become a leader of leaders. The Goizueta Leadership Coaching Fellow Program teaches you how.

It's a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with an executive coach, and engage with business and community leaders. You'll develop into a leader capable of coaching individuals and teams, helping them reach their full potential thanks to your guidance. Becoming a Fellow prepares you for your summer internship and equips you with the tools requisite in leading a team.

Goizueta Leadership Coaching Fellows

The inaugural group of Goizueta Leadership Coaching Fellows were selected from the Full-Time MBA Class of 2015. They will begin their Program with a Coaching Workshop in May before leaving for their summer internships.

Rohan Aggarwal / Mike Aurelio / Josh Blackman / Todd Brock / Branden Burell / Colin Burns / Elizabeth Claise / Kaili Delp / Matt Diamond / Nicolas Garcia / Marc Gollob / DeLana Hill / Raul Izquierdo / Michael Jelnicky / Naomi Johnson / Jeff Kim / Farah Mian / Jose Luis Marin Larios / Jon Luk / Cort Seeger / Himanshu Sehgal / Steven Senzer / DJ Singleterry / Briana Soria / Mark Thomas / Scooter Walsh / Jessica Wicks

Reach Further With the Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy (GALA)

Take your leadership to a higher level with the Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy. This program explores leadership in every context. Want to maximize your leadership development during your pursuit of your MBA? Then the GALA program is for you.

Two-Year students may apply to become GALA Fellows in the fall of their second year while One-Year students may submit their applications in their second semester. GALA Fellows put their advanced leadership to the test in the Capstone Challenge, exclusively for GALA participants.

The 2013 Capstone was a five-day sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands.

Lead While Still on Campus

With dozens of clubs and organizations at Goizueta, the vast majority of our MBA students hone their leadership abilities early and often.

Choose from such offerings as the Entrepreneurship Club, Microfinance Club, Human Capital Club, and more. Whether you want to be involved in a club to enhance your career, extend your global connections, or connect with students of similar interests or backgrounds, you're sure to find a club at Goizueta.