Leader Development

Goizueta is dedicated to building principled leaders who achieve not only success, but also significance. Our goal is not limited to creating business leaders. Rather, we're focused on helping students like you become well-rounded, principled leaders who can transform the business world—and society—for the better.

Experience Leadership—at Every Level

At Goizueta, the idea of creating principled leaders isn't relegated to a single course or a passing notion, it's infused into every aspect of your MBA experience. In the first year, you'll delve into the core values that drive principled, effective leaders—values that include courage, integrity, accountability, rigor, diversity, team, and community. In the spring semester of your first year, you will be immersed in a series of experiential Leadership Development sessions in areas such as self-awareness, resilience, high performing teams, influencing others, and giving and receiving feedback. First year student teams will be paired with second-year MBA student mentors to help guide your development.

In your second year, you'll put what you know into action, starting with Lead Week, a weeklong class that explores leadership, deepening your self-awareness and personal development planning. From there, you'll dig into more advanced topics, such as leading and facilitating teams, coaching, mentoring, and ethics.

Apply to the Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy (GALA)

GALA is for students who want to maximize their leadership development during their time at Goizueta. Students can apply to become a GALA Fellow in the fall (in the second year for Two-Year students during the second semester of the first year for One-Year students). During the program, you'll take part in in-depth leadership experiences in individual, team, and team leadership contexts. This includes putting your leadership skills to work in a Capstone Challenge just for GALA Fellows.

The 2013 Capstone was a five-day sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands.

Lead a Club or Organization

Nearly all of our MBA students put their leadership skills into practice through dozens of clubs and organizations as varied as the Entrepreneurship Club, Microfinance Club, Human Capital Club, and more. Whether you want to be involved in a club to enhance your career, extend your global connections, or are looking to connect with students with similar interests or backgrounds, you are sure to find a club at Goizueta.