Required Courses

Dynamic Curriculum. Relevant Insight. Innovative Approach.

What sets the Goizueta MBA apart? Our innovative curriculum tops the list. We blend experiential learning with core business fundamentals, getting you ready to hit the ground running and add value to any organization. Whether you're a One-Year or Two-Year student, the day you set foot on campus, you'll begin gaining the core skills you need to succeed in your career. Your first semester is devoted to these building blocks of business, and you'll begin adding crucial electives for your chosen field in semester two.

The Business Fundamentals: Required Courses

Every successful career started on a solid foundation. That's what our first semester of required courses will give you. You'll grow your understanding of the basics of business, and build a framework for subsequent semesters.

Starting in your second semester, you'll delve into your chosen field with electives and profit from other opportunities, such as summer internships and leadership training.

First Semester Required Courses

Course Waivers

If you feel you are sufficiently grounded in business basics, you have the option to take waiver exams for core courses. The overall length of the MBA program will not change, but waivers allow you to further customize your Goizueta experience by substituting electives for core courses.