Concentrations & Electives

Goizueta's general management curriculum offers you the core principles you need, but also the freedom to make the experience your own. This is a rigorous and real-world curriculum that goes beyond preparing you for your next job, and instead helps you create the layers of knowledge and experiences you need for a lifetime of accomplishments.

You Can Get There From Here

While the majority of our students come to Goizueta to pursue careers in finance, marketing or consulting, we offer more than 20 different concentrations – within five academic areas – in both established and emerging topics.

After you've completed your core courses, you can select from dozens of Goizueta electives or approved electives from other schools within Emory or other partner institutions. One-Year students will select 10 electives during their program, while Two-Year students choose 14, including four electives in your area of study prior to a summer internship, giving you a greater return on your internship experience.

To view our array of concentrations and electives, please select an academic area below:

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