Our Strategy

Before You Get to Goizueta

Before you even step on campus, our Career Management Center (CMC) staff surveys you about your MBA career goals and pairs you with a rising second-year peer career coach (PCC). You will also participate in a self-assessment process that gives you insights into your strengths and weaknesses and optimal career options, that will help guide you as you explore career paths.

During the Program

Once on campus, you'll begin to prepare for your career search with a Professional Development course taught by CMC professionals, alumni and recruiters. The course teaches you how to best showcase your talents at interviews, networking events, and within everyday business interactions. The CMC also helps connect you with alumni through mock interview preparation, networking events and clubs. During Career Week, a dedicated time for all first-year students to focus on career exploration and preparation, you will participate in treks around the country. You will network with some of the nation's largest corporations in areas such as finance, marketing, technology, healthcare, real estate and supply chain.

During your time at Goizueta, the CMC staff will work with you to refine your career objectives and coach you as you pursue coveted positions throughout the United States and the world.

After Graduation

Once you graduate and leave campus, you'll still have access to career counseling through our Alumni Career Services office. The CMC and Alumni Career Services provide job postings and opportunities for our entire alumni population, ensuring you have constant access to our powerful network. Many alumni go on to become the School's best recruiters, and in this capacity, assist the CMC by taking part in our annual Recruiter Feedback Forum each May. This forum allows the CMC, faculty, alumni and school-wide staff to hear directly from the companies about what they desire in an ideal MBA candidate -- information that is then shared with our students.