Leadership Presence

At Goizueta, we don't just say our students are leaders – we equip them with the skills needed to be leaders every day. Our curriculum incorporates the fundamental training needed for students to understand and unlock their leadership potential throughout the program.

Data-based Decision Making

Business rely upon their leaders to make important decisions to drive company results. It is not enough for a leader to simply have an idea about what solution will best fit the company, they need to understand how to use data to support their ideas and make their point. Goizueta's rigorous curriculum and analytical approach means students learn early how to identify, interpret and integrate data into their decision-making process, ensuring that their recommendations include analysis and insight.

Delivering the Message

Data may be black and white but business is grey. To that end, business leaders must understand how to marry their insights and intellect with strong communication skills to effectively deliver their message. Goizueta provides students grounding in these skills through courses like Professional Communication, where students hone presentation skills and practice delivering important information. By melding analytical acumen with persuasive communication, our students become effective leaders who can get results.

Exercising Influence

Leaders must know how to motivate, not just the team they manage but sometimes others outside of their direct influence. Goizueta’s leadership training provides students a chance to explore their leadership style and uncover the many ways they can see results. This results in leaders who can influence their organizations and impact the bottom line – a dynamic combination that our students live out time and again.