Our Approach

Our approach to business education is supported by grounding principles around our curriculum that set us apart from other top MBA programs. At Goizueta, our dynamic, innovative curriculum delivers a rigorous and comprehensive business education that prepares our students to add immediate value to their organizations on Day One.

These principles include:

Tolerance for Ambiguity

Our integrated curriculum structure equips students with a a tolerance for ambiguity that prepares them to tackle cross-functional business problems on the job.

Experiential Learning

We actively integrate classroom theory and business reality, teaching students how to do business by doing business with top companies to address their business challenges.

Leadership Presence

Our leadership development goes beyond simply preparing students with the soft skills of communications and presentations; we teach them to command the content and immerse them in a deep dive into their own leadership dynamics.

Day One Readiness

This approach creates exceptionally well-prepared students, which ranked us #1 for employment by Poets & Quants in 2013. Recruiters tell us that our students contribute from Day One and have strong team and communication skills that keep them coming back year after year.