Experiential Learning

Core Courses

Experiential Learning

At Goizueta, experiential learning—learning by doing, in realistic settings—is ingrained in the way we develop our students. Our Management Practice (MP) course and MP electives expose students to real-world business challenges from actual organizations. In the process students learn to integrate the ideas and tools across all the foundational courses, and applying lessons of the classroom to the challenges of the outside world.

The MP experience begins with structured problem solving. Students build a toolkit of skills that enables them to carefully define problems, structure them for teams to work on, synthesize information collected and persuade others to implement decisions. Classroom training on how to structure and solve complex, ambiguous problems; how to manage projects and teams; how to communicate persuasively, teaches students to tackle any business problem.

MP allows students to work with companies on substantive business issues. One-Year students take a Management Practice course integrated with their summer semester, while Two-Year students choose from Management Practice electives that incorporate real corporate projects, such as New Product Lab, Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consultancy, Valuation, Decision & Information Analysis and others.

In recent Management Practice projects students have:

  • Created recommendations for LG Electronics on introducing a new HVAC technology into the US market
  • Developed new ideas for Equifax to leverage their core competencies and develop new services for new markets
  • Outlined a go-to-market strategy for a product extension in Newell-Rubbermaid's Calphalon brand line
  • Secured financing and developed scalable business strategy for transitional neighborhood in City of Atlanta


Mid-Semester Modules

Mid -Semester Modules - In the middle of the spring semester, students take a short hiatus from classes to take part in faculty-led academic modules. They include international travel modules and Atlanta-based industry-focused modules where students meet with organizations and corporations to gain new perspectives.

Recent International modules have traveled to India, Japan and Eastern Europe and included visits to the Mumbai Stock Exchange, Bollywood Studios, Toyota, UPS Japan, Skoda and Hungarian Parliament. Atlanta-based industry modules have featured projects focusing on redesigning healthcare, the finance of sports, and marketing analytics.

Washington Campus

Washington Campus - A consortium of 17 graduate business schools from major universities the United States, this course offers an immersive, week-long seminar held in Washington, D.C. Participants learn from public policy officials how Washington really works, how legislative and regulatory changes really get made, and what new challenges or opportunities will evolve as the result of likely policy changes.

Clubs and Activities

At Goizueta, real-world exposure is certainly not limited to course-based projects. To augment their classroom experience, our MBA students can choose from dozens of co-curricular activities that include a variety of experiential learning activities.

Conferences hosted by our school

Many students clubs bring people together through annual conferences spanning a wide variety of topics and audiences:

  • Diverse Leadership Conference, hosted by the Black MBA Association, is the largest student-run diversity conference in Atlanta.
  • Goizueta Gives guides Atlanta teenagers on concepts of leadership and business at the annual Teen Leadership Summit.
  • Goizueta Women in Business works closely with our Executive Women of Goizueta alumni group for their annual conference.
  • In partnership with Emory Healthcare and other corporate sponsors, the Goizueta Healthcare Association hosts an annual healthcare industry forum and case competition for MBA students from around the country.

Working with outside organizations

Goizueta students are putting their business skills to use before leaving campus through involvement with clubs that assist outside organizations, including:

  • While serving on the boards of local non-profit organizations, Goizueta Board Fellows gain insight into issues facing boards today, while offering the weight of their analytical skills to help solve organizations challenges.
  • Students in the Microfinance Club manage an investment fund that provides low-interest loans to disadvantaged entrepreneurs in countries such as Bolivia.
  • Goizueta's Corporate Liaison Team serve as key points of contact for companies visiting campus for presentations and other recruiting events.

Networking & career preparation

Students also gain valuable experience as part of industry specific clubs, such as the Investment Club, which manages a portion of the Goizueta endowment, the Goizueta Consulting Association, which works with the CMC to prepare students for the rigorous case method of interviewing, and the Goizueta Real Estate Group, which focusing on connecting students with the highly engaged real estate network in Atlanta.