Why A Goizueta Full-Time MBA?

Designed to provide the ability to change or accelerate your career trajectory, an MBA is a skills-based degree focused on the gamut of business areas. Not all MBA programs are alike, however, and the key elements on which to evaluate them include skill acquisition, classroom experience, breadth of network and value of the brand. Considered on these fronts, Goizueta delivers a unique and compelling MBA experience for your future goals.

Assembling Your Toolkit of Skills

In an MBA program, students develop competency in the areas of strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, operations, and economics. Students also gain critical know-how on such topics as communications, leadership, and teamwork.

At Goizueta, our MBA goes beyond these basics and gives students perspective on identifying and framing problems, analyzing business issues, and developing implementable solutions. This additional effort combines hard and soft skills in a unique, experiential learning style that produces strategic thinkers who provide organizations with decisive resolutions in the workplace. This sets apart our graduates, making them desirable and competitive in the marketplace.

Experience For Your Success

The traditional MBA program experience lets students learn both inside (curricular) and outside (co-curricular) the classroom. Curriculum is designed to develop broad-based business understanding and to offer depth and flexibility through elective courses. Co-curricular MBA elements include clubs and activities but also career development, case competitions and other options outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Goizueta's student academic experience is designed with a focus on career preparedness. Our front-loaded course schedule delivers all core, foundational courses in the first semester, letting students access a full-slate of electives earlier than other MBA programs. We also offer co-curricular activities across a range of interests, all able to augment classroom learning and accentuate career goals. This two-fold approach creates students with more exposure to and more understanding of their career aspirations in advance of their job search, a feature lauded by employers which helped us be a top 10 school for MBA Employment the last 5 years and counting.

Connecting To Your Network

An MBA program connects students to a network of peers, alumni, faculty, staff, business and community leaders. This network acquisition can be useful for career planning and development, building a team of advisors, and even future business development.  A school's size and student make-up impacts the type of the network graduates access during and after their program.

Goizueta's small-by-design program facilitates greater interaction between students and their classmates, but also their faculty and alumni. We are intentional in our student body composition, bringing a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, industries and experiences to our many business programs, which contribute to a broad and multifaceted network of peers. Add to this a network that spans the globe with alumni in over 90 countries and you understand how our connection points can provide value for a lifetime.

A Brand That Brings You Value

The MBA degree implies management and leadership training at the graduate level, however, the school you choose communicates the brand value of the degree within the marketplace. The school is a signal of the level of training and future potential of its graduates. It also gives evidence of curriculum relevance and rigor, cutting-edge ‘next practices’ content, quality of student peers, and the reach of its alumni. A strong brand can create career opportunities and flexibility.

As Emory University's Goizueta Business School, our graduates leverage the strength of a globally-recognized 175+ year old university ranked among the top 20 research institutions. They also benefit from an association with our namesake, the late Roberto C. Goizueta, the lauded CEO of The Coca-Cola Company for 16 years. His ethical leadership and business savvy delivered unparalleled financial success to the company, growing company value from $4B to $145B during his tenure. Our graduates learn how to combine these two skills -- values-based leadership and business acumen -- into successful, lifelong careers.