Minority Applicants

Diversity is one of the Core Values of Goizueta Business School, and we celebrate diversity through the experiences and knowledge of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni. We are proud to be an active participant in a variety of diversity initiatives and scholarship programs, including Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) and the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM). Through the Consortium, we offer applicants the option of applying to our traditional Two-Year MBA and our accelerated One-Year MBA.

Students can learn more about life at Goizueta by attending our annual diversity conference, Inside Goizueta.

About CSGM

An alliance of top universities and corporations, the Consortium strives to enhance diversity in business education and leadership by helping increase the representation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in graduate business schools and the ranks of management.

The member universities and corporations work to achieve this goal by enabling students to:

  • Connect with top business organizations through exclusive career events early in their MBA program, including Consortium partners such as General Mills, Colgate-Palmolive, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Deloitte, and Microsoft.
  • Participate in early career management and professional development to increase their marketability
  • Expand their networks through mentoring opportunities and engaging with Consortium alumni

CSGM Eligibility

Prospective applicants who meet all of the following requirements are eligible to apply through The Consortium:

  • African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Native Americans, or U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents of any race or ethnicity
  • Demonstrate a commitment to The Consortium's mission of helping to reduce the serious underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in both our member schools' enrollments and the ranks of management
  • Hold a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in the U.S. or an equivalent degree from a foreign country

Applying through the CSGM

We strongly recommend that eligible candidates apply for admission to Goizueta by using the Consortium application rather than the Goizueta application. If you choose to apply to Goizueta through the Consortium, you do not need to complete a second Goizueta application.

Candidates must be accepted to the One-Year or the Two-Year MBA Program to be eligible for the Consortium Fellowship.

The Consortium application deadlines are October 15, 2015 and January 5, 2016. Applicants will receive notification of their admission decision within the Goizueta application round that their application was received from the Consortium. For example if we receive your application on October 15, your application will fall into Round 1 and you will receive your decision on December 3. If we receive your application by January 5, then your application will fall into Round 3 and you will receive your decision by March 3. The Consortium Fellowship Selection Meeting will take place in early March. All admitted Consortium candidates must submit their tuition deposit by April 15.

We strongly encourage Consortium applicants to conduct an interview with a Goizueta Business School representative. Please review our interview policy.

About MLT

MLT provides the roadmap, coaching, hard and soft skills, and door-opening relationships that transform high-potential minority talent into high-impact leaders. MLT's MBA Prep Program prepares African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans to apply to the major business schools and successfully navigate the corporate recruiting process once admitted. The MBA Prep experience includes personalized coaching and five in-person seminars where participants enhance their skills and build relationships with business school admission officers and recruiters from 60+ top corporations and social sector organizations. In addition, Fellows receive mentoring from MLT alumni, participate in high-impact volunteer leadership activities, and connect with organizations which provide GMAT preparation.